Bag producer in Ecuador uses up to 100% recycled material to reduce cost


Plastic packaging production and demand, as well as recycling, have increased in Latin America. As a result, having machinery that produces high-quality and long-lasting finished goods is critical.

Recycling Process
(Two-stage Recycling Machine, Repro-Flex Plus)

You'll see how Plasticonsumo has found the ideal supplier to meet the needs of a plastic producer.

About Plasticonsumo

Plasticonsumo is an Ecuadorian company that specializes in the production of polyethylene bags. T-shirt type bags (white, colored, and striped), pre-cut rolls, and rubbish bags are among the many goods to which they add recycled materials (up to 90 percent).

Bag producers in Latin America
(Blown Film Machines in Plasticonsumo, Ecuador)

The company's philosophy is to be environmentally friendly, therefore they recycle 100% of the waste generated during the production process. To take things one step further, it has recently begun to promote post-consumer recycling by acting as a collection and recycling facility. As a result of recycling their waste, the cycle is closed, the circular economy is created, and additional jobs are created.

Plastic film producers must ensure that their products are of the highest quality for their customers, both in terms of resistance and durability.

The design of the extruders, co-extruders (3 layers, ABA and ABC), and pelletizers, according to Plasticonsumo, is a determining factor in achieving the circular economy in their factory.

As a result, he decided to seek a manufacturer of blown film machines and plastic recycling machines in 2019 to achieve excellent quality in both plastic films and recycled pellets. As a result, Plasticonsumo started working with POLYSTAR.

Why look for a simple operation?

It is critical to have a friendly operation to save operator training time and costs. As a result, the design of the extruders and pelletizers is critical for the operators, as it will help not only in the operation but also in the maintenance of the machine.

Machine Operators
Plastic Recycling in Latin America

When I ask the operators, mechanics, and maintenance staff to compare between the POLYSTAR and other machines we have been operating previously, they say POLYSTAR is much better in terms of functionality, operation, and maintenance because the machine's components are great,” Eduardo remarked.

Through re-engineering, POLYSTAR concentrates on making its machines operator-friendly, resulting in an extremely "easy" operation for its consumers. POLYSTAR is popular among both plastic producers and recyclers for this reason. “With POLYSTAR, you may have peace of mind and trust that you'll get what they promise,” said Plasticonsumo's CEO.

Flexibility. Innovation.

There is a lot of competition in the plastics sector, so it's important to develop and invest in machinery that can operate in several different ways. This will allow producers to cover a broader range of bag products using a variety of materials. POLYSTAR offers a customized solution that is personalized in terms of materials (such as CaCO3, recycled pellets) and productivity.

Platiconsumo needed blown film machines with a high degree of flexibility because they needed to use up to 100% recycled material. Eduardo explained what he accomplished with the extruders and co-extruders, saying, "Most POLYSTAR machines have been working at an average of 70% recycled material, and in some cases up to 100% recycled material," ensuring the usage of various materials of the same quality.

After Sales Service

POLYSTAR has developed new customer support solutions, including online sales and engineers who are ready to help them at all times.

Excellence after sales service

"The technical response is quick, and it helps me discover immediate assistance when I need them in terms of spare parts, questions, and concerns," said Plasticonsumo's CEO.

Plasticonsumo now uses POLYSTAR machinery to produce and customize its end goods (plastic bags), as well as recycle both factory and post-consumer waste.

Eduardo Zamora, the CEO of Plasticonsumo, told us about his experience in the plastics industry:

"I had been working with other Taiwanese manufacturers for a long time before deciding to switch to POLYSTAR completely. For one thing, it was the quality. And for another," he added, "it's the trust and friendship we've had for one another"