Indonesia – Surabaya-based film producer expands with POLYSTAR

Located in Surabaya, Indonesia, the 54-year-old company has recently gone through the most aggressive expansion in the past 8 years (from the year of 2016 to 2024), increasing from 500 tons per month to nearly 2,000 tons per month in LD/LLDPE and HDPE film and bag production. 


A Japanese Producer Customized POLYSTAR's Plastic Recycling Machine for Its Fishnet Recycling Project

Takemura Co., Ltd., located in Mieken, Japan, is a renowned fishnet manufacturer in the local market. Their diverse products range from fishnets, bird nets, and light shielding sheets, to canvas products. With extensive knowledge and experience, they stand as a leading fishnet manufacturer in Japan. They are satisfied with the flexibility of our plastic recycling machine, which meets their specific needs, and the space in their factory, also impressed by the high output quality with the simple designs.


Daisaku Co., Ltd. and POLYSTAR Collaborate to Lead Japan's Plastic Waste Recycling Industry

DAISAKU CO., LTD, located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is a leading enterprise in the plastic waste recycling industry. We have been collaborating with POLYSTAR since 2019 to enhance our plastic recycling business. Our partnership with POLYSTAR includes the purchase of their Repro-Flex 150 recycling machine to process various HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE packaging film/bale film/shrink film waste. The machine is highly efficient and can convert plastic waste into uniform-sized and high-quality recycled pellets. With a production capacity of up to 700 kg/hr, we have successfully sold these recycled pellets with excellent quality to both domestic and overseas markets. Our company's reputation and supply quality have enabled us to sell our products in more than 20 overseas markets.


Stretch Film Plastic Recycling Machine - How In-house Recycling Improves Pellets Reusability?

In-house recycling of stretch wrap, pallet wrap and shrink wrap waste significantly reduces the cost. Therefore, Taiwan’s leading stretch film producer invests in POLYSTAR’s stretch film recycling machine.


Raffia Producer Now Recycles in One Step

POLYSTAR’s Repro-One recycling machine provides solutions to the problems of post-industrial recycling of PP raffia, woven sacks, tapes, non-woven/woven, FIBC and jumbo bags . These materials would be challenging to recycle at some points. But not anymore with POLYSTAR.


Air-Cooled Pelletizer Increases Reusability Percentage Back to Bag Production

The air-cooled pelletizing recycling machine Repro-Air has proven to be a big cost-saver for two of the largest PE bag producers located in Solo, Indonesia – Cahaya Kharisma and Djerapah Plastindo. According to the well-known HDPE and LDPE bag producers, the air-cooled pelletizing technology is even better than water-cooled recycling machines for some applications, especially for the recycling of HDPE and LDPE non-printed film.


PE Bag Producers Step Up in Quality and Efficiency in Vietnam

The Vietnamese plastic sector has grown significantly in the past 5 years thanks to many unique advantages that the country has. The ability to produce lower cost yet good quality plastic products is ideal for export markets such as the US, Japan, Europe, Australia and Cambodia. The local market demand is also increasing in sectors such as live seafood packaging, industrial and agricultural film, in a country of large population of nearly 100 million. Since 2016, Polystar has already been working with 42 producers in Vietnam and has installed 187 sets of blown film extruders for various applications such as general packaging (garbage bags, vegetable and fruit bags, shopping bags), seafood packaging and industrial packaging.


Japanese Recycler Increases Efficiency and Production in Pelletizing

With the effect of POLYSTAR’s recycling machine running in Japanese market successfully , the reputed recycler who is located at Ibaraki Japan decide to go with POLYSTAR . Established in 1963, the customer devote himself as the professional recycler. They purchased the post-industrial and post-consumer grade waste from all sectors of economy, including the blown film extrusion industry, food packaging film industry, injection molding and blown molding industry. That is made possible by consisting of five recycling line in their facilities and should be able to expand their business scale in the near future.


Japanese PP Fiber Producer Goes with POLYSTAR Recycling Machine

Japanese professional and historical PP fiber producer installed POLYSTAR’s plastic recycling machine in Nagoya. Adopted with the latest recycling technology and PLC control system, the customer produced the excellent quality of the PP recycled pellets and get back to their production line with the higher added ratio to save their production cost obviously.


Japanese LDPE Film Recycler Goes for POLYSTAR

Located in Tokyo, the professional PE film recycler has installed one more POLYSTAR HNT-120V recycling machine to process 400~500kg/hr LDPE and HDPE post-industrial film waste. The industrial waste is collected from local plastic factories that produce various types of bags, both printed and non-printed.


Indonesia - Recycling for Leading PE/PP Plastic Bag Producers

In Indonesia (Solo, Magelang and Jakarta), POLYSTAR has been working very closely with the leading PE and PP bag producers for their in-house recycling requirements. In total of 7 POLYSTAR plastic recycling lines have been installed in three of the largest HDPE and PP film/bag manufacturers in Indonesia.


Thailand - 100% In-House Recycling, Minimal Property Change in Pellets

With more than 1,200 professional staffs and over 60,000 square meter factory space, the export-oriented PE bag producer located in Thailand has decided to go for POLYSTAR's plastic recycling machine to upgrade it's current in-house recycling process.


Vietnam - PE Bag Producer Maximizes In-house Recycling Efficiency

Since the installation of the POLYSTAR HNT-120V in Hanoi last September, the 400-500 kg/hr recycling machine has never stopped working for the Hanoi-based film producer who manufactures a wide range of products including HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, OPP, CPP, BOPP bags as well as stretch film and metallized film. The machine has been running 24/7 non-stop except for routine maintenance once every two weeks.


Myanmar - Setting New Standards for In-House Reprocessing

In January 2017, POLYSTAR has finished installing its 38th machine in the country, amongst them there are two plastic recycling lines and thirty-six blown film extrusion lines.


Vietnamese Film Producer Reduces Raw Material Cost Significantly

In June 2016, one of the leading Vietnamese flexible packaging film producers installed a POLYSTAR recycling line to recover its in-house film waste generated from blown film and cast film lines. Since the commissioning of the machine in Ho Chi Minh, the company has already recovered more than 1,000 tons of post-industrial film waste, turning rejected post-industrial film scraps back to high quality pellets for immediate reprocessing in the film extrusion lines.



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