North America

BDB Recycling Leads the Way with POLYSTAR's Innovative Solutions

BDB Recycling is a prime example of a company leading the charge in LDPE and HDPE recycling. Their dedication to transforming plastic waste into valuable resources aligns perfectly with our mission at POLYSTAR. 


Indonesia – Surabaya-based film producer expands with POLYSTAR

Located in Surabaya, Indonesia, the 54-year-old company has recently gone through the most aggressive expansion in the past 8 years (from the year of 2016 to 2024), increasing from 500 tons per month to nearly 2,000 tons per month in LD/LLDPE and HDPE film and bag production. 

Middle East

Oman Plastic Recycler Partners with POLYSTAR for a Circular Economy in the GCC Region

The professional recycler, Recycling Services LLC, operates in Oman and Saudi Arabia in several locations. The recycler is dedicated to being a main actor in spreading a circular economy of plastics for all parties in the GCC region, already stepped into a long-term partnership with POLYSTAR at the first machine purchase of Repro-Flex 120.


POLYSTAR's Exponential Growth in Türkiye Fueled by Delighted Customers! | Successful Stories

Post-industrial and post-consumer plastic recycling activities are rapidly growing in Türkiye and contribute to environmental as well as economic sustainability. POLYSTAR is proud of standing with Turkish plastic recyclers and manufacturers by providing simple-to-use yet efficient plastic recycling machines. Today, over 45 POLYSTAR machines operate in Türkiye.

Middle East

Saudi Recycler Embraces POLYSTAR for a Sustainable Growth

During a fruitful exhibition at Saudi PPPP, POLYSTAR also shared the happiness of meeting its existing customers. Witnessing their growth over the years, and discussing their new plastic recycling and blown film extrusion projects has made these meetings more meaningful. Riyadh-based plastic recycler ALSAEED plans to add one more set of Repro-Flex pelletizer due to the long-term reliable performance of his current POLYSTAR recycling machine.


A Japanese Producer Customized POLYSTAR's Plastic Recycling Machine for Its Fishnet Recycling Project

Takemura Co., Ltd., located in Mieken, Japan, is a renowned fishnet manufacturer in the local market. Their diverse products range from fishnets, bird nets, and light shielding sheets, to canvas products. With extensive knowledge and experience, they stand as a leading fishnet manufacturer in Japan. They are satisfied with the flexibility of our plastic recycling machine, which meets their specific needs, and the space in their factory, also impressed by the high output quality with the simple designs.


Daisaku Co., Ltd. and POLYSTAR Collaborate to Lead Japan's Plastic Waste Recycling Industry

DAISAKU CO., LTD, located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is a leading enterprise in the plastic waste recycling industry. We have been collaborating with POLYSTAR since 2019 to enhance our plastic recycling business. Our partnership with POLYSTAR includes the purchase of their Repro-Flex 150 recycling machine to process various HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE packaging film/bale film/shrink film waste. The machine is highly efficient and can convert plastic waste into uniform-sized and high-quality recycled pellets. With a production capacity of up to 700 kg/hr, we have successfully sold these recycled pellets with excellent quality to both domestic and overseas markets. Our company's reputation and supply quality have enabled us to sell our products in more than 20 overseas markets.


Turkish CPP Cast Film Producer Recycles Factory Production Waste with POLYSTAR

A well-known Turkish CPP cast film producer Kamel Cast Film recycles its edge trim wastes with POLYSTAR’s Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine. Instead of throwing away these edge trim wastes, the company sells them as high-quality, virgin materials like recycled CPP pellets in the local market and Europe region. The buyers of recycled CPP pellets use them in the production of several different plastic packaging products.


Turkish Plastic Recycler Grows with POLYSTAR

At the end of 2022, POLYSTAR attended Plast Eurasia and cherished once again meeting many of its customers and visitors from Türkiye and neighboring markets. The showcased Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine took a huge interest of local and international visitors with its compactness and flexibility. Moreover, Repro-Flex was installed at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm, Istanbul based leading plastic recycling center, just after the exhibition.

Latin America

BOPP Food Packaging Producer in Argentina Recycles His Industrial Waste Using POLYSTAR

With sustainability goals and ESG regulations being implemented more widely, plastic producers are looking for ways to reduce their waste and become more eco-friendly, such as implementing an industrial recycling program. The BOPP food packaging exporter, Vitopel Argentina, is no exception. The company has recently expanded its recycling line by adding a cutter compactor integrated recycling machine (Repro-Flex) to its factory.


Turkish Flexible Package and Courier Bag Producer Now Recycles Production Wastes In-house

Global polymer price increase and the obstacles to reach out the resources, push many manufacturers to find alternative solutions. One of the most effective methods is in-house recycling of factory production wastes. Istanbul, Esenyurt based flexible package and courier bag producer Sürmeli Plastik has also started to recycle its own production wastes within the factory by Repro-Flex 100.

Latin America

Bag Producer in Ecuador Uses Up to 100% Recycled Material to Reduce Cost

Plastic packaging production and demand, as well as recycling, have increased in Latin America. As a result, having machinery that produces high-quality and long-lasting finished goods is critical. You'll see how Plasticonsumo has found the ideal supplier to meet the needs of a plastic producer.


Stretch Film Plastic Recycling Machine - How In-house Recycling Improves Pellets Reusability?

In-house recycling of stretch wrap, pallet wrap and shrink wrap waste significantly reduces the cost. Therefore, Taiwan’s leading stretch film producer invests in POLYSTAR’s stretch film recycling machine.


PP Woven Sack Recycling Machine Commissioned in Nigeria

One of the leading PP (polypropylene) woven packaging manufacturers in Nigeria has recently acquired the Repro-One PP sack recycling machine to process its post-industrial waste. The company has focused on the production of PP woven bags and PP jumbo bags for over 20 years. On average, the production lines generate 2 ~ 5% waste from tape extrusion lines, printing lines, and start-up lumps.

Recycling Machine

How to Reprocess Highly Printed Films? PE, PP, BOPP

The industry of plastic has been changing and evolving over the years that’s why plastic recycling has become a necessity among plastic producers. The laws toward plastic have become stricter, which require the producers to use a higher percentage of recycled material in their final products. The benefits of these laws are for lowering the production cost of the producers and reducing the plastic waste in our environment. POLYSTAR, through reengineering, designed the perfect solution: Repro-Flex Plus.



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