Offers a variety of Blown Film Machine. Polystar Machinery (Taiwan) specializes in the production of Blown Film Machine, Multilayer Blown Film Machine, Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion. As a world market leader in the field, Polystar is globally recognized as the top Blown Film Machine manufacturer in Taiwan today. Over 2,500 Polystar machines are now operating in more than 70 countries worldwide since the establishment of the company in the year of 1988.

Blown Film Machine

Simply Efficient

One Layer Twin Head Blown Film Machine HDPE/LDPE

High speed for T-shirt bag conversion
For film width 100~650mm
Extruder dia. 45mm, 55mm or 75mm

Multilayer Blown Film Machine

Film width 300 ~ 1500mm
T-shirt bags, garbage bags, flat bag and others
45+55mm or 55mm+65mm screw

One Layer HDPE / LDPE Blown Film Machine 800mm (Mini type)

Film width up to 800mm
40mm~55mm screw
General Flexible Packaging

AB - 2 Layer Co-Extrusion LDPE/LLDPE

Film width up to 1700mm
Agricultural film, DHL bags, Courier bags
General Flexible Packaging

One Layer HDPE LDPE LLDPE Blown Film Machine

Film width up to 2500mm
55mm ~100mm screw
General Flexible Packaging

PP blown film machine

For film width
Extruder dia. 45mm, 55mm or 65mm
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