PP woven sack recycling machine commissioned in Nigeria


Best way to recycle pp bags / pp sacks

One of the leading PP (polypropylene) woven packaging manufacturers in Nigeria has recently acquired the Repro-One PP sack recycling machine to process its post-industrial waste. The company has focused on the production of PP woven bags and PP jumbo bags for over 20 years. On average, the production lines generate 2 ~ 5% waste from tape extrusion lines, printing lines, and start-up lumps. It has been costly for the company to send the scraps outside for recycling, as the quality of the recycled pellets is not always consistent and becomes problematic when used again in tape extrusion lines. There are also extra storage, transportation, and logistics costs involved. Since the first PP recycling machine was installed earlier this year, the producer has been recycling 100% in-house and the investment is coming back very quickly. According to the company's factory manager, adding recycling to the production cycle has been a lot easier than expected. It now fits well as a part of all the PP woven sack machinery in operation, further reducing the production cost, and increasing reusability back to the production lines.

PP woven bags recycling system without pre-crushing needs

Raffia grade production waste comes in different forms: raffia tapes without core, loom waste, coated woven fabrics and laminated woven bags. recycling of in-house PP woven sacks, jumbo bags, PP raffia, and tapes. The PP recycling machine is built with an in-line single shaft shredder which reduces the size of the PP jumbo bags and then directly fed into the recycling machine for pelletizing.

The PP pellets coming out from PP woven bag recycling machine can be reused again in the production. In most cases in circular weaving looms and tapelines.

In-house recycling of PP woven production has become more popular recently among woven bags producers. Many of the producers are looking for PP woven bag recycling line which can recycle in house PP waste. Repro-One plastic recycling machine became more and more popular by PP woven bag manufacturers. Due to the high demand for the PP woven bag plastic recycling machines, POLYSTAR has been providing PP woven bag plastic recycling machine since 2011. Until June 2012, POLYSTAR has commissioned its twelfth set plastic recycling machine in Africa.

POLYSTAR also installed many PP woven bag plastic recycling machines in African countries, such as Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia. This pp woven bags recycling system which produced by POLYSTAR received very positive feedback from the users.

"POLYSTAR provided us high-end PP woven bag plastic recycling machine, which can produce the best quality pellets from recycled pp woven sack/bag. We are looking forward to installing another PP woven bag plastic recycling machine in our factory in winter 2012."" -- Mr. Stevenson, project manager.

What makes the Repro-One special for recycling PP bags /woven sacks?

  1. One-step, simple solution for PP woven, non-woven and raffia recycling

    Single-step process with shredder + extruder + pelletizer all integrated into one simple, easy to operate recycling machine.


  2. Higher reusability back to production lines
    Low processing temperature in the single shaft shredder:

    This gentle and short, one-step process ensures minimal material degradation, which allows producers to re-use a higher percentage of the recycled pellets back into the production lines and still meet the industrial standards (for example, strength and elasticity of jumbo bags for US exports).

  3. Simple-to-use, the automatic pelletizing system for PP woven bag recycling:
    Stable operation. Consistent pellets quality.

    Plastic pelletizing system create uniform size pellets.

    The pelletizing system of the Repro-One prevents PP pellets from sticking to one another, ensuring stable production and output without having to constantly stop the machine for adjustment.

    The die face cutting design of our pp woven bag recycling machine was redesigned specifically to recycle PP woven sacks, bags and pp raffia waste that are high in MI (melting index). In the past, pelletizing PP material with die face cutting technology was not as easy as processing HDPE and LDPE.

The improved pelletizing technology has the following features and automation:

(1) Automatic pelletizing speed adjustment – Prevents pellets sticking due to higher melting index of PP material. Produces more uniform-sized pellets without labor intervention.

(2) Automatic blade pressure adjustment – Allows the pressure between the pelletizing blades and the die head to remain constant. As a result, there is less machine downtime, easier and faster to change blades.


The same Repro-One PP woven bag recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE woven, HDPE and LDPE film scraps, as well as PP non-woven and fiber scraps.

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