Two Layer AB blown film machine

Two Layer AB blown film machine
Two layer AB Blown Film Machine

  • Co-extrusion (2 Layer)
  • Film Width from 650~1800mm
  • Extruder Dia: 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 80mm
  • Material: LDPE, LLDPE
  • Output: 45~200 kg/hr
Two Layer Blown Film Machine -- for Producing Two Color Plastic Film

Possible Product

  • Mulch FilmMulch Film
  • Agricultural FilmAgricultural Film
  • Packaging FilmPackaging Film

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Model Name CE-AB
Final Product LDPE, LLDPE Plastic Film
Application Mulch film, agricultural film, flexible packaging film
Material used LDPE, LLDPE virgin raw material, recycled material, CaCO3 compound, biodegradable material, masterbatch and additives
Output range 45~200kg/hr (depends on extruder size)
Film Layer Multilayer - Two layer
Screw Diameter 45-80m (customized)
Screw L/D 28/1,30/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-465
Width 650~1800mm
Thickness 0.01~0.1mm
Optional Devices Auto loader, masterbatch dosing system, rotary die head, bubble controller, corona treater, embossing roller, automatic winder, double winder
Delivery Time 60~120 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Simple in Design, Productive and Flexible

Equipped with two extruders, the AB type two layer blown film machine is able to produce two layer film with different material/color on each layer. The die head design ensures good color separation on each layer.

Application: Agricultural film, mulch film, construction, detergent bags, heavy duty bags, shopping bags, garment packaging, shrink film, consumer packaging and many others.

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