Stretch film Recycling Machine

Cutter-compactor integrated for recycling LDPE,LLDPE stretch film wrap.

Stretch film Recycling Machine
Stretch film
LDPE, LLDPE stretch film wrap can be recycled by this plastic recycling machine.

Plastic Recycling Materials


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Model Name HNT-V
Final Product Plastic pellets/granules/resins
Machine components Conveyor belt, cutter compactor shredder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, silo tank
Recycling Material LDPE,LLDPE stretch film
Output range 100kg~ 1200 kg/hr
Feeding Conveyor belt (standard), Nip roller feeder (optional)
Screw Diameter 65~180mm (customized)
Screw L/D 30/1,32/1,34/1,36/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-645
Degassing Single or double vented degassing, Unvented for non-printed film (customized)
Cutting Type Hot die face pelletizing (water ring pelletizing)
Cooling Type Water cooled
Voltage Customized based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, MExico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V 50Hz)
Optional Devices Metal detector(S+S) , Nip roller for film roll feeding , Additive feeder for masterbatch, centrifuge dryer for drying
Delivery Time 75~120 days for customized machine. In stock machines available
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

How HNT-V Works

Feeding (1)
With belt conveyor: Feeding of scraps is easy and automatically controlled (the conveyor automatically starts/stops depending on the amount of material input)
Feeding (2)
Film-on-rolls can be fed with nip roll feeder at the same time
Cutting and Compacting
Cutter compactor with rotary knives & direct feeding to extruder :
Cuts, dries and compacts the material which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder
Two-zone degassing (double-vented degasification) : Able to process films with larger printed area and some water content
Screen change with dual channel system :
For non-stop operation and prevents material from leaking
Hot die face pelletizer :
Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing
The plastic pellets can be put directly back into the production line such as blown film extrusion and pipe extrusion

Stretch Film Recycling Machine

Stretch film Recycling Machine

Recycling material:

* Stretch film waste generated from cast and blown film production.
* Stretch film scrap and film on-roll from in-house production or collected
   from outside.
* Stretch film wrap with some labels and paper contamination is also suitable.
* Ideal for cast film or blown film producers.

1. Cutter compactor for faster and more stable material feeding.

An improved design of the cutter compactor now works superbly with stretch film scrap. The compactor cuts, dries and compacts the material that enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder.

2. Degassing with vacuum pump ensures a superior degassing effect, providing

Excellent quality pellets from even heavily printed material.

3. Minimal changes in MFI

Ensures high loading of recycled pellets in the tape extrusion process with excellent tensile strength and elongation.

4. Additive feeder for adding master batch and compounds

This feature is very helpful in homogeneously blending the recycled polymer melt with color master batch or additive master batch to give the desired quality to the recycled pellets.

Stretch film Recycling Machine
Stretch film Recycling Machine
Stretch film Recycling Machine

The machine layout (picture) is for reference only. The actual layout changes depending on the optional devices (metal detector, centrifugal dryer, nip roll feeder, venting option, filter option and machine cover option) that the customer chooses.
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