Perforated bag on roll
Perforated Bag On Roll Making Machine
Perforated Bag on Roll

  • Flat bottom sealing type
  • Paper core manual changing
  • Bag width: 450mm maximum
  • Bag thickness: 10~30 micron
Bag Making Machine
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  • Perforated bag on rollPerforated bag on roll
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Perforated bag making machine

Polystar's bag on roll making machine produces bottom sealed and with perforation seal plastic bag on roll. The bottom sealing device and perforation knife are specially designed for HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE films. Maximum 4 rolls can be fed into the machine. The machine is able to produce maximum 480pcs of bag in one minute.

To meet customer's request, we are able to provide the perforated bag on roll making machine with cold cutting/hot cutting device.

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