One Layer Four Head HDPE LDPE 450mm

High speed for small-sized bag production
Mini Type Blown Film Machine
Four Head Blown Film Machine

  • Monolayer (1 Layer)
  • Four Die Heads, Single Screw
  • Film Width from 100~450 mm
  • Extruder Dia: 65mm or 75mm
  • Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
  • Output: 75~140 kg/hr
  • Works with virgin, recycled and CaCO3
Four Head Blown Film Machine -- Designed for HDPE and LDPE small-sized bag production

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Model Name QM Four Head Blown Film Machine
Final Product HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Plastic Film
Application Flat bags, Small-sized T-shirt bags, traditional market bags, vegetable and fruits bags, shopping bag and etc
Material used HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE virgin raw material, recycled material, CaCO3 compound, biodegradable material, masterbatch and additives
Output range 50-140 kg/hr (depends on extruder and film width)
Film Layer Mono Layer (One Layer)
Screw Diameter 65mm or 75mm
Screw L/D 30/1
Screw Material SACM-465 with Bimetallic Treatment
Width 100~650mm
Thickness HDPE 8 ~ 30 micron
LDPE 18 ~ 100 micron
Optional Devices Auto loader, rotary die head, bubble controller, corona treater, embossing roller, air shaft
Delivery Time 75 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Four die head blown film machine – Who is it for?

Four Head Blown Film Machine

The four die head blown film extruder is designed for bag and film producers who need to maximize the output for small-sized bags ranging from 100mm-300mm in width.

Achieving higher output for small bags

This model uses a bigger extruder of Ø 65mm (or Ø 75mm) to achieve higher extrusion output up to 140kg per hour. The extruded material is then evenly distributed into four die heads and produces four film rolls at the same time.

The four head model is an extended version of the popular Twin head extruder with similar working principles, in which the bigger-sized extruder is able to run at high speed even when producing small-sized film rolls, thanks to its ability to distribute the material into more than one die head simultaneously.

Four head. Four winders. Four film rolls

The manufacturing precision of the die heads and accurate temperature control throughout the entire extrusion process ensure even material flow. The four take-up units and winders are controlled separately which makes it possible for operators to produce four film rolls of four different width and thickness, allowing more flexibility to produce 4 rolls of the same or different sizes depending on the production requirement at the moment.

Different options of producing small-sized film rolls in mono layer
(in the example of LDPE 300mm film roll size)

Option (A) and (B) use only one die, while option (C) and (D) use 2 and 4 die heads.

Option Extruder Size (mm) No. of die heads Film rolls produced Output Advantage in production
(A) Ø 45 1
300mm x 1 roll Low Easy to operate
(B) Ø 65 1
1200mm x 1 roll High Hot slit with 3 knives to produce 4 rolls on extruders or bag making machine.
High output, but the operation can be more difficult.
(C) Ø 55 2
300mm x 2 rolls Medium Higher output than single head extruder for small width.
(D) Ø 75 4
300mm x 4 rolls High Produces 4 rolls of 300mm without the need to perform hot slitting (no sealing problem) with high output.

There are several ways of producing small-sized film as shown in the comparison chart above,
Option (A) Uses a small extruder with single die head, this is the easiest and most economical way. The output is relatively lower compared to other options. This option is recommended for producers who produce film or bag of many different colors, sizes and formulas. Using multiple sets of small extruders can be beneficial and avoid the loss from constant change of sizes, colors and materials.

Option (B) Produces one film roll of wider width (for example up to 1200mm or 1400mm) and then hot slit and seal the big film rolls into 3 or 4 smaller rolls on the extruder or on the bag making machine.

This method has been adopted by bag producers who are more experienced in operation and is an effective way to achieve high production with less number of machines. However, bags produced using hot slit and seal is not accepted in some markets.

Option (C) Use a twin head extruder, this is the most recommended model for general bag production, as this machine is relatively easier to operate, less expensive, and able to achieve very good output especially for film width that ranges between 300mm – 600mm.

See the 3D video of the twin head machine:

Option (D) Use a four head extruder and produces 4 film rolls film rolls at the same time. This model shows the best efficiency when producing film rolls from 100mm – 300mm. It can achieve higher output than the model with 2 die head particularly at this small size.

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