POLYSTAR another recycling machine running
in Ibaraki Japan successfully


With the effect of POLYSTAR’s recycling machine running in Japanese market successfully , the reputed recycler who is located at Ibaraki Japan decide to go with POLYSTAR . Established in 1963, the customer devote himself as the professional recycler. They purchased the post-industrial and post-consumer grade waste from all sectors of economy, including the blown film extrusion industry, food packaging film industry, injection molding and blown molding industry. That is made possible by consisting of five recycling line in their facilities and should be able to expand their business scale in the near future.


“ Expansion is necessary for enterprise long terms surviving and make sure holding the sufficient market share at this fierce market competition, says by CEO Mr. Kobayashi. Not only cultivating at Japanese market, Mr. Kobayashi also extend the business scale to foreign countries, including such like USA, UK, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa …. market. We deeply believe that the simple & easy machinery operation and maintenance is the key for successful recycling business; and the excellent quality of the recycled pellets produced by “Simple” recycling machine is another contribution to the business management, it relatively save the operation cost and enhance the production performance. POLYSTAR truly play the important role and perform well in “ Simple” machinery design and quality insurance, impressively mentioned by Mr. Kobayashi.


Owing to a new recycling hall was built and the filled order demand, the customer request POLYSTAR’s recycling line installed in new land in time. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak happening from Feb, 2020 and POLYSTAR’s technician is prohibited to install the machine in customer’s factory. Thanks to the simplest structure design , User-Friendly interface and professional on-line remote installation guidance by POLYSTAR, it facilitate the successful installation of the machine and create the indispensable commercial value for both company. Finally, an Repro Flex 150 with processing HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE film and bag scraps is stably reach to 600~650 kg/hr capacity at their new factory. These excellent quality recycled pellets are mainly sold to the big film/bag producer and used in shrink and construction film production as well as for intermediate layers in laminated films.


The factory manager of the customer indicated that, the size uniformity of recycled pellets is the critical point related to the homogeneous level and quality of their final product. By utilizing POLYSTAR’s intelligent pelletizing system and the patented air cylinder pressure control technology, it significantly stabilize the quality of the recycled pellets and enhance the level of production automation. With POLYSTAR latest intelligent pelletizing system and corresponding air cylinder pelletizing pressure control technology, it firmly ensure the reliability and uniformity of the recycled pellets and significantly increase our business profit.


Apart from the recycling business, the customer also utilize the recycled pellets back to the production line for house wares product, such like the patented sonic driver for toothbrush….etc. We aim to recycle every possible plastic waste and convert it into the useful material for “ Green” environmental protection. POLYSATR’s simple but powerful machinery design concept had been affirmed by global customers and professional in-time service attitude is the decisive criterion for our long terms cooperation, says Mr. Kobayashi in conclusion.

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