Cutting and Sealing Machine Installed in Africa

The demand of T-shirt bags and flexible packaging bags are growing in Africa in recent years. More and more investors started plastic bag production line in countries in Africa, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia...

In the year of 2014, Polystar installed more than 35 sets of cutting and sealing machines in Africa, including T-shirt bag cutting and sealing machine, bottom type cutting and sealing machine, side sealed type cutting and sealing machine and garbage bag cutting and sealing machine.

One of an investor in Togo started the new factory in early 2014 and chose Polystar as the cutting and sealing machine supplier. The project started from 6 sets of bottom sealed type cutting and sealing machine, then expand the production line with 5 sets of T-shirt bag making machine. In March 2015, another 7 sets of bottom sealed type cutting and sealing machine is going to be installed in the factory.

In addition to the producer in Togo, the plastic bag producers in Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria and other countries are increasing the production capacity. Nearly 25 sets of POLYSTAR cutting and sealing machine will be exported to Africa in the first quarter of 2015.