Bag making machine manufacturer based in Taiwan

Taiwan based bag making machine manufacturer POLYSTAR has been manufacturing plastic bag making machine for almost 3 decades. In addition to T-shirt bag making machine, the bag making machine manufacturer POLYSTAR is also providing a variety of bag making machine choices, such as bottom sealing bag making machine, side sealing bag making machine, laundry bag making machine, garbage bag making machine and perforation bag on roll making machine.

In the past 3 decades, POLYSTAR has been offering plastic bag making machine to plastic bag producers in 102 countries. In addition to bag making machines, the manufacturer POLYSTAR also provides customers blown film machines, printing machines and recycling machines as a turnkey solution.

The great experiences in plastic bag producing filed enables POLYSTAR to improve the bag making machine technology and offer users better services. Today, POLYSTAR is been recognized as a top Taiwanese plastic bag manufacturer.