T-shirt bag making machine commissioned in Ethiopia

In April 2015, three sets of POLYSTAR T-shirt bag making machine were commissioned in Ethiopia. This producer started the plastic bag producing business in November 2014. POLYSTAR helped the producer to choose the machine which is needed for the production line, from blown film machine, printing machine to bag making machine.

The plastic bag producer is mainly producing T-shirt bags. POLYSTAR offered this producer 12 sets of compact type blown film machine to work with 3 sets of T-shirt bag making machine. The T-shirt bag making machine is able to process two rolls of plastic film at once. It is hot cutting type T-shirt bag making machine to ensure the bottom sealing is strong enough. The T-shirt bag making machine also includes two pieces of German made photocell to process printed films. Capacity of the T-shirt bag making machine is 360 pieces per minute.

In addition to T-shirt bag making machine, the producer also purchased bottom sealing bag making machines to make pop up flat bags. In addition to produce bottom sealed bags, the machine is able to produce T-shirt bag by adding an automatic T-shirt bag punching device.