Diaper recycling machine set up in Indonesia

A Japanese group installed a recycling machine from Polystar to recycle diaper film in Surabaya, Indonesia. The Japanese owned company is the producer of diaper and sanitary napkin. The factory in Surabaya is set up for producing the film for diaper and sanitary napkin. During production, they have some films with defected printing on the surface, the producer decided to invest a diaper recycling machine to recycle this post-industrial waste from their own factory.

This diaper film is produced by LDPE+LLDPE+HDPE+50% CaCO3 material. Due to the high component of CaCO3, the pellet is very crunchy. To keep the pellet in complete shape, Polystar redesign the diaper recycling machine for the customer to produce high quality pellets.

This diaper recycling machine is able to process clean film and slightly printed material. Average output is 45 kg/hr.