Medical Waste Plastic Bag Making Machine in Romania

In Romania, Polystar installed a blown film machine to make films for making medical waste plastic bags. The blown film machine is designed for making 0.06mm (60 micron) LDPE film. On the blown film machine, we install an inline logo printer to print the ''infectious waste'' warning logo on the film for medical waste plastic. The printing plate can be changed to any picture that customer requests. The printing color can be changed as well. Adding this inline logo printing unit on the blown film machine is a good idea for saving the space for installing another printing machine in the factory.

After the 60 micron film roll is produced, it will be brought to bottom sealed bag converting machine for making bottom sealed bag. This medical waste plastic bag needs to be strong enough to carry the waste from hospital. Polystar's blown film machine ensure the thickness and toughness of the film. The tensionless bottom sealing machine provided by Polystar also ensures the bottom sealing part of the medical plastic bag is strong enough.