Blown film machine for plastic net production in South Africa

Cape Town- South Africa

One of the leading plastic net producer in Cape Town, South African purchased a blown film machine for producing 80~100 micron HDPE film from Polystar.

Before weaving plastic nets, it needs blown film machine to blow thick (average thickness 80~100 micron) HDPE film. The producer is the pre-user of Germany blown film machines. In 2013, the customer met Polystar at K show and had a long discussion about his need of this blown film machine. Right after K show, customer decided to add a blown film machine made by Polystar to his production line. Polystar designed a machine for the customer to produce HDPE film with the width of 800mm and thickness 80-100 micron. In addition to the extruder, Polystar also designed a winder to enable the customer to cut the side of the film and roll the two sheets together.

The machine was mounted in customer's factory at the end of April 2014. The machine is now producing 80 micron HDPE blended LLDPE film in customer's factory.