Mulch film making machine in Thailand

Mulch film making machine manufacturer Polystar has recently commissioned another mulch film making machine in Bangkok, Thailand. The mulch film producer is using the mulch film making machine for producing silver/black and white/black films for filed coverage.

The mulch film making machine is equipped with hole punching machine for producing different kind of mulch films: plant field cover, mulch films with punched holes for plant growing... The mulch film making machine is equipped with two extruders for making two different color films on each layer. Mostly used masterbatch are silver color, white color and black color. The anti-UV additives can be added into the material for making mulch films.

The mulch film producer choose the mulch film making machine produced by Polystar because the mulch films produced by Polystar's machine has higher resistant which increases the market value for the mulch films. Also, Polystar is producing mulch film making machines for producing various type of agricultural films.

Here is the video of mulch film making machine:

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