PP raffia recycling machine commissioned in Saudi Arabia

The fifth PP raffia recycling machine of Polystar has been installed in Saudi Arabia. The company, located in Riyadh, focuses on the recycling of in-house PP woven bags, none-woven, jumbo bags, PP raffia, PP woven sacks and tapes, and LDPE flims. Prior to acquiring Polystar, the company already has two plastic recycling machines from Taiwan from other suppliers. Both plastic recycling machines are equipped with spaghetti type pelletizer, which are not able to achieve more than 200kg per hour with 150mm screw diameter. The two PP raffia recycling machines are equipped with traditional feeding method, with a force feeder on top of the hopper of the plastic recycling machine.

The Polystar PP raffia recycling machine is now producing over 500kg per hour processing the same material, which is more than the two previous plastic recycling lines combined.

The PP pellets coming out from PP woven recycling machines can be reused again in the production of PP woven immediately. In most cases in circular weaving looms and tapelines.

After monitoring the machine's performance for two months, the Riyadh-based factory plans to purchase the second set of PP raffia recycling machine from Polystar in 2014. The first PP raffia plastic recycling machine installed earlier this year has proven to be very efficient and the return on investment is coming back fast. "We are able to produce up to 500kg per hour with the Polystar plastic recycling line," and by this rate we can purchase the second plastic recycling machine within a year," said Mr.

With the new addition of this plastic recycling machine, the company is currently producing up to 1,000kg per hour with three plastic recycling lines combined. The PP woven recycling machines are equipped with ABB Baldor energy saving motors which reduce energy consumption up to 5%. The high reusability of the pellets is a major advantage of PP raffia recycling machine, in which PP woven producers can save up to 20~30% material cost.

The HNT-V PP raffia recycling machine is able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP

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