EPS foam recycling machine

Polystar set up a 120mm EPS foam recycling machine in Saudi Arabia. The foam producer is now equipped with a HNT-120V, processing around 350kg per hour of EPS foam waste. The waste comes mainly from defected foam products and start-up waste.

The Saudi Arabian company is one of the most productive producers in the area who focuses on EPS foam production. Previously equipped with a 85mm EPS foam recycling machine, the company needed to add another EPS foam recycling machine for greater production capacity, as more foam waste is produced from the new foam making lines.

The newly-installed EPS foam recycling machine helps the company to recover their in-house waste rapidly. With the formerly acquired 85mm EPS foam recycling machine combined, it is now producing about 600 kg per hour. The company reuses the EPS foam 100% for its reproduction of EPS foam products (mainly EPS plates and bowls).

The owner, who visited Polystar at K show 2013 this year, is planning to acquire another EPS foam recycling machine at the beginning of 2014.
The HNT-V EPS foam recycling machine is also able to recycle HDPE as well as LD/LLDPE and PP. In addition to EPS foam recycling, the factory also reprocesses flexible packaging (bags and films) of HDPE and LDPE.