PP film recycling machines commissioned in Dubai, UAE


PP film recycling machines commissioned in Dubai, UAE

Two sets of 100mm PP film recycling machines were set up in Dubai. In the middle eastern regions where recycling is growing as fast as everywhere else, Polystar has been actively involved in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Jordan and Pakistan.

The two PP film recycling machines are now recycling up to 1 ton of PP films a day, included PP printed and un-printed film, as well as PP film laminated with PU.

The company is one of the largest polypropylene packaging film producers in Dubai, previously outsourcing all of it PP film waste to recycling centers. With the addition of Polystar's PP film recycling machines, the client is now processing its PP film waste (mostly rejected film waste from production) in-house. It has shown great interest to acquire a bigger PP film recycling machine from Polystar this year.

recycler in Dubai chose plastic recylcine machines from POLYSTAR

PP film recycling mahcine

The HNT-V PP film recycling machine is able to recycle PP film, OPP film, BOPP film, PP printed film, heavily printed film, HDPE and also LD/LLDPE film. PP film recycling machine is also known as polypropylene film recycling machine.

The company also has subsidiary in UK and West Africa, where both locations are also equipped with Polystar PP film recycling machines. In addition to processing PP film waste, they are also processing PP raffia in UK with the PP film recycling machine.

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