History & Milestone

Recycling Made Simple - For 32 years on and looking forward
32 years of manufacturing experience and development into a global leader today

Foundation of Polystar as an OEM manufacturer
Production of blown film extrusion machines
Construction of the first plastic recycling machine HNT-V

1st order of HNT-V in Thailand
Delivery of the 200th HNT-V recycling machine, more than 1500 machines were made and delivered

Polystar transformed from OEM to brand name manufacturer
Opening of new manufacturing facility and test center

Exhibited HNT-V in Taipei Plas 2012 as Polystar for the first time
The 70th HNT-V was installed under the brand name "Polystar," more than 100 HNT-V have been sold
Exhibition of HNT-V in K Show Germany 2013
The new Repro-Flex gives recyclers more flexibility and efficiency in plastic recycling
A new breakthrough: 150th cutter-compactor recycling line sold in 2 years since K show 2013
“Recycling Made Simple” concept at K Show Germany, immediately followed by a record-breaking sales of more than 50 sets of Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine in less than 2 months
Construction of the third manufacturing facility and test centre
Area: 10,700 M2

Moving forward as a global market leader
4,180 Polystar machine installation in 105 countries worldwide.
Polystar continues to focus on improving simple-to-use recycling and blown film technology based on user-interface,
customer feedback combined with Polystar's 32 years of machine designing and manufacturing experiences.

Brand Story

The Beginning
The logo during the starting phase of Polystar, a typical depict of a Taiwanese manufacturer at the time.

Brand Name Manufacturer
This logo announces Polystar's determination of becoming an international brand name manufacturer from an OEM supplier. With a strong technical background and 22 years of manufacturing experience, this logo reveals Polystar's willingness to step up to the next level.

Simplicity With Power
Polystar's brand new image symbolizes its readiness to position itself as a top competitor in the recycling industry as well as its strong will for change and innovation. This powerful new logo signifies Polystar's move on to the next stage, both on a technical and worldwide market level.

Simple Operation Is Key
Polystar continues to focus on simple machine operation and low maintenance cost, which we believe are the most important benefits for plastic producers to reduce production cost and increase efficiency.
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