What is OPP Film and Can it be Recycled?

2022-08-12 | Industrial Trends | By Derek Shiao |

What is OPP film?

Oriented Polypropylene is known as OPP. This polypropylene film is monoaxially stretched in either the transverse or longitudinal direction. OPP plastic can be used in many applications including tapes, labels, and packaging.

The major advantages of OPP films:

  1. Odorless, tasteless, and without any toxic.
  2. It has a high tensile strength.
  3. It is highly transparent.
  4. OPP plastic film is recyclable.

recyclable opp plastic products.
( OPP Plastic Film )

Is OPP film recyclable?

OPP plastic film is recyclable just like other types of PP films. Despite being a very common single-use plastic found all over the world, it may be the least recycled. OPP plastic film manufacturers are frequently misled into believing that an OPP film defect is simply general waste. However, this plastic material in various forms, such as OPP tapes, labels, and OPP wrapping film can be recycled.

( OPP Plastic film recycling system - Repro-Flex )

Successful case

One of the leading OPP plastic film producers in Taiwan has installed a Repro-Flex 65 recycling machine in their OPP film manufacturing facility back in 2018, and they are very satisfied that POLYSTAR has offered them a permanent solution to deal with the plastic waste generated from their production process.

opp plastic film recycling system in Taiwan
( OPP film producer in Taiwan )

“Before installing Repro-Flex 65 in our factory, we must collect all the plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process and store it in a designated area. It caused us a lot of trouble to find enough storage space for the plastic waste before we could find a third-party recycler to take them away. We were able to recycle our waste in our own factory thanks to the plastic recycling machine from POLYSTAR, which saved us a lot of space and money.”

Sales manager of Hico Technology said.


When it comes to dealing with excess plastic industrial waste, most OPP plastic film producers have the same problem: they don't know what the best solution is. POLYSTAR has assisted many plastic film producers in starting their in-house recycling, and the plastic recycling machines' simple design allows the producers to easily begin their recycling journey.

opp plastic film recycling system.

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