What are the Differences Between Single-layer and ABA 3-layer Blown Film Machines?

2023-03-29 | Technical Blog | By Sandy Kuo |

Single-layer extruder remains the leading trend in plastic bags production

Single-layer blown film machine has been the most commonly used type for PE bag producers. For PE bag producers (such as fruit bags and vegetable bags, which mainly use virgin materials), the single-layer blown film machine has been the most popular option. With its lower machine cost and generally simple operation, this film-blowing machine becomes the ideal choice.

Blown film machine in Taiwan
( Star-X blown film machine produces single-layer film )

ABA multilayer extruders use more recycling materials

ABA blown film extruders allow plastic film producers to use more recycled material and calcium carbonate compounds (CaCO3) in the mixture (in the middle layer), in order to produce stronger films. The benefit is when producing the thick plastic film, the costs of virgin material can be reduced significantly, and used higher percentage of materials while still maintaining good film quality: A shining surface and also the finest for sealing.

ABA blown film line produces 3-layer plastic film
( ABA blown film machine produces 3-layer film )

For outer layer A – the producers can put virgin material for the ¬smooth and shining surface, as for inner surface (B-layer) the recycled materials can be put to enhance the film strength and reduce the production cost. ABA multilayer film-blowing machine is suitable for producing garbage bags, goods packaging (food and beverages), etc.

2- extruder for producing multilayer films
( A and B extruder for producing multilayer film )

Single-layer and ABA extruder for bag production

Even though a single-layer extruder is efficient for general bag production, ABA co-extrusion (3 layers) machine has its advantage over one layer machine for certain applications, like garbage bags, shopping bags, and T-shirt bags that are thicker (20 to 100 microns) or require higher film strength. As a result, using ABA multilayer blown film extrusion to produce larger-sized garbage bags has become a new industrial trend in the markets like Australia and UK.

ABA blown film line for gerbage bag
( ABA blown film machine producing garbage bag )

What is the difference between Single-layer and ABA?

Here is a simple table that compares the differences between one-layer extrusion and ABA three-layer extrusion:

Comparison between Single and ABA extrusion machines
Single extrusion ABA co-extrusion
Machine cost Lower Higher
Raw material cost Higher
(Less recycled material can be used)
(More recycled material/ CaCO3 can be used in production)
Produced Film layer 1 layer 3 layers (A-B-A)
Application Especially for thinner film
(T-shirt bag, shopping bag)
Produce higher strength film
(Garbage bag, medical bags)

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