Twin Head Blown Film Machine

2022-10-12 | Blown Film Machine | By Janine Cheng |

Normally when producing film rolls for T-shirt bag conversion which ranges from 300~700mm in width, it is difficult to achieve higher output by using a bigger extruder for such small film width unless the blown film extruder is equipped with an internal bubble cooling (IBC).

The twin head blown film machine offers an economic alternative and has a much faster return on investment (ROI) comparing to a blown film machine installed with internal bubble cooling system.

Specifications and Advantages of Twin Head Blown Film Machines

One extruder, Two tubular bubbles

Twin head blown film machines are equipped with only one extruder; however, the extrusion output is dispersed into two separate channels of the die heads, creating two separate tubular bubbles which sizes can be customized and different.

Therefore, comparing to blown film extruders with a single die head, the twin die extruders can achieve higher production capacity when producing film roll that are small in width.

Double head blown film extruder with single extruder
( Double head blown film extruder )

Flexible Customization

As it is mentioned, POLYSTAR designs and customizes this type of double head blown film machine with different screw diameters and roller widths depending on the customers’ requirement. Available in screw diameter of 55mm, 60mm, 65mm and 75mm and film width from 400mm up to 1000mm on each winder.

Available for producing both HDPE and LDPE plastic films

The double head blown film machine also allows plastic bag producers to switch between HDPE and LDPE production as well as producing different film width on the same machine on each winder simultaneously.

A special screw design is used to provide good mixing and stable output for both HDPE and LDPE material. Bimetallic treatment is applied to process a higher percentage of recycled material and CaCO3 compound. POLYSTAR uses Siemens/ABB energy saving motors for the extruders which can reduce energy consumption up to 5%.

double head blown film machine for HDPE and LDPE production

twin head blown film extruders in Vietnam

( Twin head blown film machines in Vietnam )

POLYSTAR’s blown film extruders have high flexibility for producers to install various optional devices based on their needs and expectations to enhance not only the quality of the plastic film, but also producers’ operating experience. Contact us.

Possible Products that Twin Head Blown Film Machine can Produce

T-shirt bag
T-shirt bag

Bottom sealed flat bag
Bottom sealed flat bag

Shopping bag
Shopping bag

Supermarket bag
Supermarket bag

Garbage bag
Garbage bag

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