Standard Blown Film Machine

2022-11-30 | Blown Film Machine | By Janine Cheng |

Standard blown film machine, Star-X, produces monolayer HDPE and LDPE film in a high speed. It is popular with general packaging producers who manufacture T-shirt bags, supermarket bags, flat bags and more.

The film width is available from 800mm to 2300mm, which can be customized based on customers’ requirements. The specially designed extruder has a good ability for melting and mixing material with masterbatch and additives, allowing producers to use higher percentage of recycled material and CaCO3.

Highlights of Standard Blown Film Machines

  • 1. High efficiency
  • Standing out with the highest output capacity from other single layer blown film machines, even the smallest model of this classic blown film machine has the largest screw diameter among others, which enables it to produce plastic film more efficiently than other monolayer blown film extruders.

  • 2. High flexibility
  • POLYSTAR’s blown film extrusion lines are all available for adding optional devices, which are to not only enhance the quality of the plastic film, but also bring the user experience to a higher level. Machines are customized depending on the requirements from the producers after discussion with our sales team and engineers.

  • 3. Easy operation
  • We design our blown film machines simple, which means that they are extremely user-friendly even for starters; however, they remain productive and reliable. The key in our solutions is allowing producers to accomplish their business goals in a simple way.

efficient monolayer blown film machine
single layer HDPE film blowing process

Star-X blown film extruder has been one of the top selling machines in the last 20 years. Our customers chose this model to manufacture high quality shrink film, plastic bags and other plastic film applications. If you are ready to start or improve your plastic film business, POLYSTAR is here to provide you with the best solution. Contact us.

single layer blown film lines in Russia
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