How to Set Up a Blown Film Extrusion Machine for PE Film

2023-03-03 | Technical Blog | By Maria Lopez |

This step-by-step guide will help you set up and calibrate your POLYSTAR blown film machine for PE film so that it produces a film of the right thickness, width, and quality.

Step 1: Install the die head

Start by installing the die head on the extruder. The die head shapes the melted plastic into a tubular structure. Finally, make sure the die head is aligned and secure.

Step 2: Adjust the air ring

The air ring is responsible for cooling the plastic that is passing through the die head. To achieve the quality and thickness you desire, adjust the airflow and temperature.

Blown Film Extrusion Installation
( It may also be necessary to adjust the airflow and temperature during the running of the machine. )

Step 3: Calibrate the temperature and speed controls

Your machine's speed and temperature controls make sure that the plastic is heated and fed through the die at the proper rate. To ensure that the film is created with consistent quality, calibration is crucial. Set the temperature and speed controls to the levels that are suggested for your material to start, and then adjust as necessary to get the right results.

Blown Film Extrusion Operation

Step 4: Test the blown film machine

It's time to test the machine once you've placed the die head, adjusted the air ring, and calibrated the temperature and speed controls. Check the film for the desired thickness, width, and quality by running a trial of the material.

Blown Film Extrusion Control
( Adjust the machine as necessary before starting full production. )

Tips for troubleshooting and maintaining your POLYSTAR blown film machine for PE film

You might run into typical complications during setup and calibration, like inconsistent film thickness, wrinkling or bumps in the film, or other problems. You should adjust the air ring, temperature, or speed controls to solve these issues. If you require extra assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales and spare part team.

Blown Film Extrusion After Sales Service

You can calibrate and set up your POLYSTAR blown film machine to make high-quality films quickly and easily by following these instructions. Don’t forget to perform regular maintenance and inspections to make sure the blown film machine is operating at its best.

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