How to Recycle PE/PP Film

2022-07-05 | Technical Blog | By Maria Lopez |

Plastic film has a wide range of applications in daily life, including food protection film, agricultural film, packaging film, plastic bag film, and laminated film. They make our lives convenient and preserve our goods for us. They are hence always in high demand. Then, let us reply how to recycle PE/PP plastic film?

Due to the large amount of trash produced by industry and post-consumer use, recycling PE/PP films has become increasingly important over time.

A cutter compactor recycling machine by POLYSTAR comes in hand to give more life to the plastic waste (PE/PP film) produced in the factories and the ones we produce at home.

cutter compactor recycling machine

Why a cutter-compactor recycling machine is ideal for PE/PP films?

Let me begin by defining a cutter-compactor for you. It is a system that prepares the material for extrusion by cutting, pre-heating, and compacting it. The plastic material no longer needs to be pre-crushed before being fed into the pelletizer thanks to this cutting technology.

What are the main parts of the cutter-compactor?

The main parts of the cutter compactor system are the blades, which are separated into two:

  1. The stationary blades are attached to the bottom of the compactor.
  2. The rotary blades work like a blender, these are rotating, as the name says, for better compacting of the materials.

Why is this system suitable for PE/PP films?

PE/PP films will need a gentle and clean cut. The cutter-compactor offers both, thanks to the rotary blades and the stationary blades the waste is cut, dried, and compacted which enables a fast and stable feeding directly into the extruder.

The right machine for your PE/PP Plastic Film

If you are a producer of plastic film or a recycler, POLYSTAR has the right solution for your waste.

  1. Repro-Flex

    Repro-Flex is ideal for punching, t-shirt bag cut-offs from bag manufacturing, and printed (up to 50%) and non-printed plastic films. In comparison to alternative recycling systems on the market, higher production output is guaranteed by the integration of the cutter compactor and direct feeding to the extruder. Round, uniformed pellets are produced by the stable material feeding and hot die face pelletizing system, which can be can be directly put back into the production line.

  2. Repro-Flex Plus

    The best applications for Repro-Flex Plus include heavily printed materials (up to 100%), multilayer films, laminated films, and post-consumer waste. Repro-Flex Plus, as contrasted to Repro-Flex model, has an extra degassing (3rd degassing) that is located between the first and second extruder and removes the extra ink and humidity from the wastes. The second extruder also has an additional filter to guarantee the quality of the final pellets.

Work with POLYSTAR

Customer service has always been our main priority. We at POLYSTAR offer you a simple and efficient way for recycling your plastic film waste.

Simple operation and installation recycling machine

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