How does Squeezer Dryer Improve Post-consumer Plastic Film Recycling?

2022-08-15 | Industrial Trends | By Jack Lin |

In post-consumer plastic recycling, pre-washed film waste coming directly from the washing line contains a very high percentage of moisture that is difficult to reduce using traditional drying machines.

Even after the drying process, the excessive water that remains in the light-weight plastic film flakes results in inconsistent feeding and low output in the plastic extruders.

One of the better solutions to improve the drying process is to use the plastic squeezer dryer.

It offers a fast and efficient way to reduce moisture levels from 40% down to only 2-5%, which better prepares the plastic material for the extrusion-pelletizing process that follows.

Pre-washed plastic film flakes.
( Pre-Washed Plastic Film Flakes )

Process and main functions

First, the specially designed short screw “squeezes” and presses out the remaining moisture out of the washed plastic materials.

Second, it converts the lightweight plastic film flakes into a heavier, granule-shaped form, which then can be transported to the plastic extruder more easily and consistently.

Pre-washed film waste plastic recycling system.

Key benefit

The plastic squeezer dryer is designed to fit between the washing line and plastic recycling extruder to improve the overall recycling process, which includes:

  1. Higher output capacity
  2. Higher efficiency
  3. Better pellets quality

Best when used with cutter-compactor plastic recycling extruder

According to many of our customers’ feedback, the plastic squeezer dryer works best together with the cutter-compactor integrated recycling extruder, as the compactor further stabilizes the feeding into the plastic recycling machine.

plastic squeezer drying wet plastic film flakes.
( Washed Film Plastic Squeezer Dryer )

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