Single-stage vs. Two-stage Recycling Machine

2021-09-08 | Technical Blog | By Maria Lopez |

Single stage plastic recycling machine Repro-Flex and two stage plastic recycling machine Repro-Flex Plus both have a cutter-compactor. This cutter integrated pelletizing system eliminates the necessity of pre-cutting the material, because the cutter-compactor pre-cuts, pre-heat and mix the material that will be fed directly into the extruder with a centrifugal force. Comparing to the conventional recycling machines, this integrated system does not require a separate crusher, and therefore, eliminates the problem of inconsistent feeding.

( Repro-Flex )

( Repro-Flex Plus )

The waste material can be feed by a belt conveyor and a nip roller at the same time. The feeding is controlled automatically based on how full the cutter compactor is. The cutter compactor then cuts, dries and compacts the material into a semi-molten condition (just below the agglomeration point), which is optimal for the extrusion process that follows. The cutter compactor then feeds the material directly and consistently into the extruder.

Repro-Flex and Repro-Flex Plus
Repro-Flex Repro-Flex Plus
Number of Extruders 1 2
Number of Degassing 2
(Double-degassing system)
(Double-degassing system, and one in the venting area)
Number of Filtration 1
(Dual-Piston and Manual type)

( Double-degassing )

( Triple-degassing )

Same cutting and pelletizing system different materials to reprocess

Repro-Flex is able to reprocess PE and PP films, multi-layered film, stretch films, EPE foam, pre-washed film flakes, non-printed and printed (up to 50%) films, others.

Repro-Flex Plus is able to reprocess the same materials as Repro-Flex but can process highly surface printed material, up to 100% of it. This is able thanks to the reposition of the filter and the third degasification.

These pelletizing machines are highly recommended for packing film producers, blown film producers, PP woven producers and professional recycling centers.

( No Printed Film )

( Printed Film )

Repro-Flex and Repro-Flex Plus
Repro-Flex Repro-Flex Plus
% of Humidity 3% 5%
% of Surface Printed 50%
(Filter Repositioned)
(Filter Repositioned)
% of Contamination Less than 1% Less than 1%

Final Product

The recycling machines, Repro-Flex and Repro-Flex Plus, produce high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing directly into your production line. This is possible thanks to the die face pelletizing that has an automatic pelletizing speed and blade pressure, producing more uniform-sized pellets.

POLYSTAR recommends

If you are a film producer and you want to recycle your post-industrial waste these two recycling machines are perfect for you. Very easy to install, operate and perform maintenance. Having One-Step direct technology with cutting, extrusion and pelletizing will give your operators a friendly use of it. Remember to have in count the properties of your materials before choosing. If you have any question or doubt, contact us and we will find a solution to your requirements.

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