Advantages of Using Monolayer Blown Film Machines for Plastic Packaging

2023-04-27 | Technical Blog | By Resul Gökpınar |

Star-X Mono Layer Blown Film Machine has become a popular choice of plastic packaging film and bag producers due to its versatility in producing different types of products, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. This one-layer blown film extruder is the most demanded producing tubular films of general packaging products such as market bags, t-shirt bags, and garbage bags, as well flat packaging films such as shrink film, sufra, plastic cover films, etc.

1. Versatility in producing different types of products

One of the main advantages of the Star-X Mono Layer Blown Film Machine is its versatility in producing different types of products. With minor adjustments on the machine or with the help of optional devices, various types of films for plastic packaging products can be produced on one machine.

Hot slitting knives option for multiple films on one roll

Hot slitting knife for blown film machine
( Hot slitting & sealing knife )

Hot slitting knife optional device allows producers a slitting a wide tubular film into multiple narrower tubular films and seal the edges at the same time. As a result, a higher output can be achieved while using energy and time efficiently.

Back-to-back double winder for flat packaging films

Back-to-back double winder for blown film machine
( Back-to-back double winder )

The purpose of the back-to-back winder optional device is to split the tubular film into two flat film sheets. The tubular film is split into two flat film sheets by cold knives (edge trim knives or side opening knives), and these film sheets are winded onto two different rolls of the back-to-back double winder at the same time. With these simple solutions, your tubular blown film machine can also produce flat film sheets for shrink films, sufra, plastic cover films, agricultural film sheets, etc.

2. Flexibility in working with a variety of materials

The uniquely designed extruder of Star-X monolayer blown film machine provides the advantages of good melting and mixing the HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE materials (or a blend of them) with masterbatch, additives, and recycled plastic. This allows producers to be more flexible in production and satisfies the market and customer demands. For instance, different material blends for packaging material requirements or a high percentage of recycled material usage in the film content can be achieved easily.

Recycled materials used in blown film extrusion
Virgin materials used in blown film extrusion
CaCO3 used in blown film extrusion

3. Easy operation and maintenance

Monolayer blown film machines are the most suggested to the new starters who plan to produce packaging films. Because they are easier to operate and maintain than multilayer blown film machines. Furthermore, POLYSTAR designs its machines for easy operation and maintenance. Operators can achieve different film thicknesses and widths or even can change to a different type of packaging film production by simple adjustments on the machine.

Mini-type monolayer blown film machine operating

4. Cost-effectiveness

Producing several different types of packaging films with different material types by using only one monolayer blown film machine provides a certain cost advantage. Furthermore, thanks to the extruder design of Star-X, being able to use a high percentage of recycled materials and CaCO3 in the formula, also helps the film producers to save costs and stay competitive in the market.

Single layer blown film machine for colorful film

In conclusion, monolayer blown film machines are a highly versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to produce plastic packaging products.Ease of use and ability to meet producers’ demands for various types of plastic films, makes them a good choice for plastic packaging film producers.

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