4 Common Applications for Low-Density Polyethylene

2023-07-11 | Technical Blog | By Sandy Kuo |

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is a diverse plastic material that is commonly applied in various uses, such as plastic packaging film, disposable plastic products, pipes, and medical/healthcare items… The key features that contribute to the wide usage of LDPE materials include their flexibility, transparency, moisture resistance, and various other properties. In this blog, we will highlight 4 common applications of low-density polyethylene and provide an optimal solution for producers to manage manufacturing waste.

Plastic bags and plastic packaging films

plastic bubble film for product packaging
( Bubble Film for Packaging )

Low-Density Polyethylene is widely used in the packaging industry due to its cost-effectiveness and remarkable flexibility. This kind of plastic packaging film is considered a safe material for food contact applications because of its moisture resistance, making these LDPE plastic films suitable for packaging both fresh and dried food products. Besides, LDPE can be also applied in industrial packaging, such as clothing, electronics, and other items to meet specific product requirements, and provide adequate protection, it can be also used to produce in various ways, such as t-shirt bags, Ziplock bags, and so on.

Pipe and tubing

LDPE pipe for irrigation systems

In the meantime, Low-Density Polyethylene is also commonly used in the agricultural industry, specifically in applications like irrigation systems. Farmers use this kind of plastic drip tape to irrigate their crops, they rely on LDPE plastic drip tape to effectively water their crops, ensuring optimal growth and yield. Furthermore, LDPE pipes are used for transporting potable water to livestock, offering a practical and dependable solution for water distribution in agricultural settings.

Medical or cleanroom equipped

LDPE equipped in medical eye drop

In the medical field, Low-Density Polyethylene is frequently used to produce various medical products and equipment. Its moisture and oxygen resistance help protect sensitive medical devices and pharmaceuticals from damage and contamination.

Similarly, Low-density polyethylene is also extensively employed in cleanroom environments to protect precision equipment (such as medical devices/semiconductor manufacturing) from being contaminated or damaged. For these reasons, Low-density polyethylene is well-suited for producing cleanroom garments or specialized products in cleanroom settings.

Disposable plastic products (consumer goods)

LDPE Garbage bags Recycling

In the field of disposable plastic products for consumer goods, there is an extensive variety of items to choose from. Some common examples include squeezable bottles, garbage bags, plastic gloves, and single-use containers. These products are made from LDPE due to their lightweight and cost-saving properties. While these products offer convenience and practicality, they also bring up some environmental challenges.


Using Low-Density Polyethylene to manufacture the products offers cost-saving benefits. However, there might be some production waste and environmental impact generated during the process. That’s why recycling and plastic waste management of these plastic wastes play a key role these days. To address this issue, POLYSTAR recommends you integrate plastic recycling equipment in the production workflow. Check our application index and find the ideal recycling equipment.

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