3 Reasons Mini Blown Film Machine is Good for Plastic Bag Making

2022-07-07 | Blown Film Machine | By Jack Lin |

Mini-type blown film extruder – Who is it for?

Mini-type blown film machine is a very popular model for t-shirt bag and flat bag producers. The common screw sizes are Ø40mm, Ø45 and Ø 55mm which cover the whole range of different bag sizes. The screw design is suitable for both HDPE and LDPE materials.

Although the “mini” machine has a relatively lower output capacity, it can be very useful for starters, smaller-scaled producers and even big producers when the machine is used for the right applications and products.

We will share 3 simple reasons why this compact machine can be productive for your business operation:

  1. Bag producers who produce bags of many different sizes

    For plastic bag and film producers who receive orders in smaller quantities or of many different sizes, the mini-type extruder can be a great choice-producing one or two sizes only on each machine.

    Without making frequent adjustments or changes on the film size minimizes the amount of production waste and therefore reduces the production cost. Once the machine is calibrated, it can produce the same film size for an extensive period of time without the need for operator intervention.

    Blown film machine produce plastic bag in Russia.

    Russia-based bag producer with 52 sets of mini-extruder of different sizes (40mm, 45mm and 55mm), targeting a specific product size on each blown film machine.

    Located in St. Petersburg, the company produces 1,500 tones of HDPE plastic bags per month and continues to be one of the most important plastic bag suppliers for big supermarket chains in Russia.

  2. Bag producers who produce bags of many different colors

    For similar reasons, producers who make bags of different colors or use many different formulas (mixed with recycled materials and calcium carbonate from different sources) for various product specifications can find it more efficient and flexible with the mini-extruder than a big extruder with higher output.

    Blown film machine in Indonesia produce colorful plastic bag.
    ( Mini-type extruder producing film for T-shirt bags )

  3. Easy operation for starters

    The mini-type blown film extruder is designed for simple operation and easy installation. It is the perfect choice for producers with no or very little experience, and smaller-scaled bag producers who are in need of an economic machine that produces good quality film for plastic bag conversion.

    This space-saving and compact blown film machine will continue to be productive even as your business begins to expand, adding bigger-sized extruders with higher output.

    While many experienced bag producers prefer using Duo-X twin head blown film machine, or producing jumbo rolls and later hot-slit on the bag-making machine to increase the overall output, the mini-type extruder can still be the favorite choice for certain products.

Mini type blown film machine in Ethiopia

Ethiopia-based plastic producer who was new in the industry and purchasing machines for the first time, was able to quickly set up the machines and begin production during the pandemic era.

3 Popular Models for Mini-type extruder

Model Extruder Most productive Film width Output range
Simple-X 45-750 Ø 45mm 150 - 500 mm 25 - 40 kg/hr
Simple-X 55-800 Ø 55mm 250 - 600 mm 40 - 60 kg/hr
Simple-X 55-1000 Ø 55mm 350 - 750 mm 50 - 70 kg/hr

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