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VIDÉO - Recicladora
Mini-Type Blown Film Machine | Simple-X
Star-X Blown Film Machine | ft. K-design Air-ring
Two-stage recycling machine | Repro-Flex Plus
How to Recycle Raffia in One-Step with a Shredder Recycling Machine? | Repro-One from Polystar
ABC Blown Film machine for 3 stripes color plastic bag
Recicladora con cortador-compactador integrado
Recicladora con dos etapas
Hopper Feeding Recycling Machine
Recycling machine for plastic film
Plain BOPP Film Recycling Machine
Recicladora enfriada con aire para HDPE (post-industrial)
PP Raffia Recycling Machine
Multilayer film recycling machine
Stretch film recycling machine
PE Foam Recycling Machine
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