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  • Printed BOPP FilmPrinted BOPP Film
  • Printed PE filmPrinted PE film
  • PE, PP Film RollPE, PP Film Roll
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  • PE, PP non printed filmPE, PP non printed film
  • Washed FlakesWashed Flakes
Select Your Model (Can select more than one model)
80-120 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 65mm
150-250 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 85mm
300-400 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 100mm
400-600 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 120mm
700-800 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 150mm
850-1000 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 165mm
1000-1200 kg/hr
Screw diameter: 180mm
Model Name Repro-Flex
Final Product Plastic pellets/granule
Machine Components Conveyor belt, cutter compactor shredder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, silo tank
Recycling Material HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE PP, BOPP, PA, PC, PS, PU, EPS
Output range 100kg~1200 kg/hr
Feeding Conveyor belt
Screw Diameter 65~180mm (customized)
Screw L/D 34/1,36/1,38/1 (customized)
Screw Material SACM-465
Degassing Double vented degassing
Cutting Type Hot die face pelletizing
Cooling Water cooled
Voltage Customized
Optional Devices Metal detector(S+S) , Nip roller for film roll feeding , Additive feeder for masterbatch
Delivery Time 75~120 days
Warranty 1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

High Performance Recycling Maching
Application: Post-industrial blown film, cast film, PP woven, nonwoven and raffia waste generated from in-house production. Washed agricultural and post-consumer film waste.

Examples: Food packaging, wrapping material, industrial packaging, agricultural film, carrier bags and waste packaging.
Shape: Film scraps, film-on-roll, edge trim, raffia, woven and sheet.
Condition: non-printed, slightly printed and heavily printed, laminated and multi-layer.

No pre-cutting required: The cutter-compactor design is ideal for film waste which is light in weight.
●  Improved pelletizing system for PP, BOPP and OPP waste.
●  A more compact design with higher output.
●  Improved filtration and degassing unit can handle highly printed material.
●  Self adjusting pelletizing speed for higher quality and more uniform sized pellets.
●  One stage extruder alone can handle highly printed film -- less material degradation, energy and space saving.
Technical Advantage
Higher output capacity
BOPP film and PP woven/raffia waste

Improved system for more difficult material
The much improved degassing, filtration and pelletizing systems result in uniform-sized and high quality pellets for material that is generally difficult to process with die-face cutting, especially printed BOPP film, PP woven/raffia and CPP film waste.
Improved system for more difficult material
In addition to automatic feeding control, the new Polystar system automatically adjusts the pelletizing speed depending on the amount of material being fed into the machine, this results in perfectly uniformed pellets shape and quality despite occasional input inconsistency. The new feature adds more atomization and precision to the pelletizing system and reduces the wearing of knives.

More compact, yet more flexible
The Repro-Flex can process heavily printed PE/PP film in just one single extrusion stage. This replaces the traditional "two stage" mother-baby extruder pelletizer with less material degradation and at the same time consumes less energy and occupies less space.
Filtration and degassing
Filtration and degassing improvement is the heart of the Repro Flex that allows producers to process heavily printed material:
●  A continuous filter with two flowing channel reduces operator intervention.
●  The double degassing and high-vacuum can effectively process highly printed and humid material.
●  Improved filtration and degassing unit can handle highly printed material.
●  The repositioning of the filtration and degassing system prevents the purge/lump from blocking the vacuum system and stopping the degassing from working properly.
Easy-start and setting memorization
The optional Human Interface Control allows operators to easily switch between different types of material with temperature/pressure setting memorization.
Economic benefits
Fast return on investment
Lower operation cost (less space, lower energy consumption and lower labor cost):
The Repro Flex can process heavily printed PE/PP film in just one single extrusion stage. This replaces the traditional "two stage" mother-baby extruder pelletizer with less material degradation, as the extrusion process is done in a single stage. At the same time the machine consumes less energy and takes up less space because of its compactness (requires one extruder less and less motor power). In addition, only one person at the feeding section is sufficient for operating the machine.
Siemens or ABB Baldor direct motor drive.
S + S (German made) metal detector.
Omron temperature controllers.
Solid State Drive by Crydom (USA).
Machine working principles:

1. An Integrated system without the need for pre-crushing:
The integration of the cutter compactor directly with the extruder eliminates the need for pre-crushing plastic film. The feeding is therefore much faster and more stable. High throughput with the light-weighted film flakes can be easily achieved by going through densification and compacting process first.

2. High productivity:
A 100mm screw (single stage) can achieve more than 400kg/hr in post-industrial LDPE, where as in the conventional line a producer can hardly achieve 300kg with higher energy consumption.

3. High automation with flexible and easy feeding methods:
The machine can process scrap material on a conveyor and film-on-roll on nip roll film feeder simultaneously. This automates the entire process and is beneficial for producers in terms of labor cost saving, space saving and lowering energy consumption. The machine generates very low noise as it does not require a separate crusher to process the film waste in advance.

Model Comparison

Model Repr-Flex65 Repr-Flex85 Repr-Flex100 Repr-Flex120 Repr-Flex150 Repr-Flex165 Repr-Flex180
Output 80-120 Kg/hr 150-250 kg/hr 300-400 kg/hr 400-600 kg/hr 700-900 kg/hr 900-1000 kg/hr 1000-1200 kg/hr
5250 5950 6600 7550 8550 9000 9100
(With all option)
6000 7000 8000 7490 10000 11000 12000
7300 8200 9400 15000 16000 17500 18000
(With all option)
10000 12000 12000 15500 16500 18800 19000
C 2900 3100 3200 3400 3500 3600 3700
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