3 Layer ABA LDPE

3 Layer ABA LDPE 3 Layer ABA LDPE
Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine 

Possible Product

  • Garbage BagGarbage Bag
  • Garbage BagGarbage Bag
  • Commercial BagCommercial Bag

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Polystar model number: CE-ABA blown film machine
Product: LDPE/LLDPE film
Application: Agricultural films, construction cover, dust covers, furniture covers, pillow/mattress bags
Material: Recycled material, HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE blend, biodegradable or virgin raw material
Film layer: Three layer
Width: 150mm ~ 2500mm (customized)
Thickness: 0.01 mm ~ 0.2 mm (customized)
Output: 20kg ~ 250kg (customized)

Screw L/D : 28/1 or 30/1
Extruder diameter: Available from 35mm~120mm
Voltage: Customized

In-line printer
Dosing system
Rotary die device
Corona treater
EPC (Edge position control)
Slit and seal knife
Hydraulic unloading device
Automatic double winder
Tension control system

After-sales service provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Delivery: 30~50 days
Warranty: One year

Model Comparison

Model CE-ABA-40-45 CE-ABA-45-55 CE-ABA-55-65
Output 30~35 kg/hr 40~45 kg/hr 120~150 kg/hr
Extruder Screw Diameter 40mm+45mm 45mm+55mm 55mm+65mm

ABA blown film machine

Producing T-shirt bags with 3 layer blown film machine significantly reduces cost

In some markets such as Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam where T-shirt bag production has become extremely competitive, film producers are now replacing their existing mono layer extruders with ABA 3 layer blown film machines, mainly to save production cost. One of the biggest T-shirt bag producers in Vietnam has already replaced half of its mono layer extruders with ABA machines in the past 3 years to stay competitive in the local market.

The A-B-A blown film machine consists of two extruders, normally of two different sizes. The most common ones today are the combination of a 45mm screw diameter together with a 55mm for T-shirt bag production. For garbage bags, normally a 55mm screw diameter with a bigger 65mm is used. In the A-A outer layer, normally 20% of CaCO3 is used, with some additional of color masterbatch, LLDPE and a larger percentage of HDPE. The B layer can be used with larger percentage of CaCO3 with HDPE raw material. In-house recycled pellets can also be used to the mixture.

Besides reducing a significant amount of raw material used in the formula, another advantage of the ABA machine is that the 3 layer film that it produces is 30% stronger than film produced by a mono layer extruder. The ABA machine is also much more economic comparing to an ABC three layer machine as it has one extruder less.

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