Saudi Recycler Embraces POLYSTAR for a Sustainable Growth


During a fruitful exhibition at Saudi PPPP, POLYSTAR also shared the happiness of meeting its existing customers. Witnessing their growth over the years, and discussing their new plastic recycling and blown film extrusion projects has made these meetings more meaningful.

Repro-Flex Plus two stage plastic pelletizer in Saudi Arabia
( 10 years old Repro-Flex Plus works stable for good quality pellets )

Riyadh-based plastic recycler; ALSAEED is one of the good examples of these safely growing businesses. Occupying 10,000 sqm factory space, the successful recycler is in the process of investing in a new plastic recycling line for PE and PP film/bags recycling. Due to the long-term reliable performance of his current POLYSTAR recycling machine, the recycler plans to add one more set of the same model.

Why They Considered POLYSTAR for Recycling Machine Investment?

The current Repro-Flex Plus 150 is a two-stage plastic recycling machine, manufactured in 2013. ALSAEED is running this pelletizer for 10 years by today without a big issue, mostly recycling LDPE and LLDPE film/bag materials among others. Therefore, the company is confident that the newest version of Repro-Flex Plus 150 will be a reasonable investment. Successful recycler aims to increase its production capacity with the existing and new machine line.

“The POLYSTAR machine we have is working well for 10 years so far without a big problem. To grow with the new customers, we need to maintain good pellet quality. So, we plan to have a second Repro-Flex Plus 150.”

Basher Dukhan
Technical & Industrial Director of ALSAEED

How Repro-Flex Plus Recycles Plastic Wastes?

The latest version of the two-stage plastic pelletizer Repro-Flex Plus is a superior plastic recycling solution for many challenging materials including high-moisture plastics, highly printed bags and films, multilayer and laminated films.

Recycled plastic pellets made by POLYSTAR machine
( Recycled plastic pellets from 10 years of Repro-Flex Plus )

The machine provides further extruder pressure stabilization, further filtration, and degassing advantages. Due to ever-changing customer and market requirements, Repro-Flex Plus is designed to be flexible for high level of customization. It is a reasonable investment for recyclers and plastic producers who require simple yet professional plastic pelletizer for their heavy tasks.

Recycled plastic pellets made by POLYSTAR machine
( New Repro-Flex Plus two-stage plastic pelletizer )

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