A Japanese Producer Customized POLYSTAR’s Plastic Recycling Machine for Its Fishnet Recycling Project

A Japanese Producer Customized POLYSTAR’s Plastic Recycling Machine for Its Fishnet Recycling Project

Takemura Co., Ltd., located in Mieken, Japan, is a renowned fishnet manufacturer in the local market. Their diverse product range from fishnets, bird nets, and light shielding sheets, to canvas products. With extensive knowledge and experience, they stand as a leading fishnet manufacturer in Japan.

Beyond designing and manufacturing fishnets, Takemura offers cleaning and storage services for its customers. Notably, they actively collect and repair old fishnets, reusing them as land nets to minimize environmental impact. To further their commitment to sustainability, they have decided to recycle production waste using POLYSTAR’s Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine and transform this waste into recycled pellets to add value to their products.

The geographical advantages result in the high demand for fishnet

Japan's abundant coastline fosters a prosperous fishing industry, leading to a continuous demand for fishnets. However, with increased fishnet production comes a higher likelihood of waste generation, which therefore requires effective waste management strategies.

Like it is mentioned, Takemura has been collecting and cleaning old fishnets to expand their lifespan. Now, they own a plastic pelletizer to assist them to turn post-industrial and post-consumer fishnet into reusable pellets.

Fishnet factory in Japan
Fishnet factory in Japan

Highly flexible plastic recycling machine to meet the needs

To obtain a stable and efficient recycling process, Takemura incorporates shredding technologies to reduce the size and destroy the net structure of the materials. Moreover, they customized the machine by adding an extra feeding conveyor and a large blending tank to handle the huge amount of fishnet scraps.

They were satisfied with the flexibility of our plastic recycling machine, which meets their specific needs, and the space in their factory, also impressed by the high output quality with the simple designs.

With the sustainable recycled pellets, Takemura is now reusing them back to the production lines, turning plastic wastes into brand-new products. This investment will not only solve the waste issue but also reduce production costs by using less virgin materials.

Customized plastic recycling feeding system

Shredded HDPE fishnet on the feeding conveyor
Recycled HDPE fishnet

POLYSTAR reaches out services to the corners all around the world

We have our regional representative in Japan to help us communicate with the local customers. With his passion for the plastic recycling industry and the knowledge he possesses, he is capable of satisfying your special needs for your recycling projects. Contact us.

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