Turkish Plastic Recycler Grows with POLYSTAR


At the end of 2022, POLYSTAR attended Plast Eurasia and cherished once again meeting many of its customers and visitors from Türkiye and neighboring markets. The showcased Repro-Flex plastic recycling machine took a huge interest of local and international visitors with its compactness and flexibility. Moreover, Repro-Flex was installed at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm, Istanbul based leading plastic recycling center, just after the exhibition.

POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine installation in Türkiye
( Repro-Flex installation at Sembol Geri Dönüşüm )

“My main focus is on easy machine operation and good pellets output. Machine complexity is not necessary. Simple machine design is a plus for me because my operators can run and maintain the machine easily.

I saw POLYSTAR solved this issue, a simple design machine that produces high-quality pellets.
After-sales services are also trustworthy. I wish to have more POLYSTAR machines in the future as my recycling business grows.”

Hamza Klavuz, Director of Sembol Geri Dönüşüm

Sembol Geri Dönüşüm is a leading recycling center in Türkiye which has gained its reputation with high-quality recycled pellets. Customers of the recycling center require the pellets to produce precise plastic products which contain a high level of recycled pellets while meeting durability and precision standards.

Printed Film Recycling Granule
( Pellets from Printed Film - Recycled by Repro-Flex )

With the new Repro-Flex 100 plastic recycling machine, Mr. Klavuz recycles industrial plastic waste such as PE and PP film/bag scraps which are collected from local factories. Recycled pellets will be re-used to produce the products as below:

  • PE materials:
    Market bags, cargo and courier bags, medical waste bags, thin garbage bags on rolls, etc.

  • PP materials:
    Injection molding bathroom accessories, jar lids, miscellaneous plastic crates for hardware stores and industry, plastic drawers for toolkits, etc.

“Since we are required to provide reliable quality pellets for sensitive plastic product manufacturing
(such as thin garbage bags on-roll), the recycling machine must be reliable and produce high-quality uniform size pellets.

We have received good results with our existing POLYSTAR machines; therefore, we acquire one more Repro-Flex 100 for these requirements.”

Said Mr. Klavuz

What makes Repro-Flex a good choice for plastic recyclers and producers?

Global exhibitions and machine installations have always been precious times for POLYSTAR to have customer feedback face-to-face and see the operations in place. Here are the common reasons we got feedback on why plastic recyclers and producers choose Repro-Flex plastic recycling machines for their operations.

  • 1. Compact machine design

  • plastic recycling system in Türkiye
    Repro-Flex is a cutter compactor integrated one-step plastic recycling machine. The machine combines material cutting, extrusion, and pelletizing processes into one compact machine. Film materials and soft plastic materials are not required for pre-cutting before the recycling process. This saves customers’ time, labor hours, and factory space.

  • 2. Easy operation and maintenance

  • Easy operation and maintenance plastic pelletizing machine in Turkey

    Machine operators found Repro-Flex to be very simple to operate and maintain. The entire recycling process can be monitored and managed through a single control panel, which can be upgraded to a PLC control panel upon customers' wish.

    Automated systems for material feeding, conveying and pelletizing ease operators’ workload. The dual piston filtration system allows changing filter mesh without material loss and without stopping the machine.

  • 3. Flexibility for customization, and processing of various plastic materials

  • Post-consumer plastic waste easily recycle with recycling line

    Repro-Flex is a highly customizable machine for various customer requirements. Besides, the machine is capable of recycling a wide range of plastic materials including soft and rigid plastics as well as industrial and post-consumer plastic wastes.

    Especially for plastic recyclers who need to recycle different materials (such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, OPP, PA, PC, PS, PU, EPS), Repro-Flex is a great aid.

  • 4. High-quality recycled pellets

  • Post-consumer recycled pellets from plastic recycling system

    What equipment a plastic recycling machine consists of might not be a secret, but how this equipment work in harmony for high-quality recycled pellets requires deep know-how and experience.

    Repro-Flex represents 35 years of POLYSTAR experience. The recycling machine ensures uniform size, degassed, and minimal degraded pellets output by optimizing consistent material feeding, screw design, melt flow, pelletizing speed, and pressure.

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