BOPP food packaging producer in Argentina recycles his industrial waste using POLYSTAR

Recycling machine installation in Argentina

With sustainability goals and ESG regulations being implemented more widely, plastic producers are looking for ways to reduce their waste and become more eco-friendly, such as implementing an industrial recycling program.

The BOPP food packaging exporter, Vitopel Argentina, is no exception. The company has recently expanded its recycling line by adding a cutter compactor integrated recycling machine (Repro-Flex) to its factory.

Vitopel Argentina Chooses POLYSTAR to Recycle BOPP

“BOPP is a tough material to process,” commented Claudio, the technician in charge of the installation,
“but the Repro-Flex machine delivered impressive results while remaining incredibly stable and providing a high output. We are glad to see the Vitopel Argentina team happy with their recycling machine. “

cutter compactor integrated recycling line in Argentina for BOPP
( Repro-Flex Cutter Compactor Integrated Recycling Machine installed at Vitopel Argentina’s factory )

Vitopel Argentina is a company that’s focused on investing in innovations that allow the creation of increasingly efficient film and flexible packaging to meet sustainability goals by using resources more efficiently and reducing plastic waste.

Thanks to their recent acquisition, POLYSTAR will be able to help them get closer to their goal with the Repro-Flex 120 recycling machine, which delivered great results for BOPP and PP recycling, providing an output as high as 555 kg/hr at an 80% capacity.

After the successful installation, the company is considering expanding its recycling line by adding another POLYSTAR machine to its factory.

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