POLYSTAR-Recycling Made Simple for Circular Economy Value



In response to the increasing demand of film bag scraps and solid structure material processing, POLYSTAR has developed a high-efficient shredding integrated recycling machine with innovative value and benefits. This recycling machine perfectly integrates the shredder all in one step and is equipped with advanced energy-saving feeding technology to ensure the optimization of the feeding. In terms of filter system, an innovated back-flush filter system with a unique melt flow channel design and segmented clock control, which effectively enhances the automation of slag discharge process and reduces the operation cost of screen replacement.

The pelletizing system is the core section of the recycling machine. POLYSTAR utilizes the innovated digital programming technology with ECO energy-saving inverter modules to develop a fully automated pelletizing system. By automatically adjusting the speed of the pelletizer along with the die head pressure, the uniform size of recycled pellets can be produced.

In the aspect of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, POLYSTAR adopts a smart PLC control system and integrates a highly user-friendly HMI, which significantly shortens the learning curve for operators. The PLC control system is embedded with the remote-control module which can perform online troubleshooting, automatic preheating, big data collection and analysis, and parameter optimization through Cloud IP base control. The innovative technology of this machine have been applied to customer such as Europe, Japan, United States, India, Middle East …..and have been highly valued.


As the global environmental protection awareness is kept rising, the development of the circular economy is turned to be crucial tendency in the industry. POLYSTAR develop the various turnkey recycling solution to meet with diversified requirements from the global customers, such as Repro-Flex cutter compactor integrated recycling line, Repro-One shredder integrated solution, Repro-Flex Plus for PCR material processing and so on…. The plastic waste can be directly fed into POLYSTAR’s highly efficient recycling machine and convert to the superior quality recycled pellets, it can be 100% reused back to the production line to save the new material purchasing cost and reduce the waste effectively. We aim to contribute the new ECO-Green value for the industry and to be more friendly to the earth.


With customer’s valuable feedback and operation suggestion, POLYSTAR keep innovative and steady improvement to strength our core value and competitiveness.

The product development appeal is based on " Exquisite Simplicity, Excellent Quality, and Steady Improvement" as its core value. We expect customer feedback to become the main driving force for our continuous growth and fulfill our social responsibilities to achieve the goal of sustainable operation

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