Post-consumer recycling - POLYSTAR + FIMIC provide simple solution


The need of a more automatic, self-cleaning filter to reduce labor cost and improve efficiency has been a key factor for professional post-consumer recyclers, for applications such as paper label removal and milk/shampoo bottles. However, most of the solutions available in the market today have a very high initial investment cost and even higher maintenance cost that follow (mainly because of expensive spare parts), which could be challenging as the operation cost remains high and the return on investment is too slow.

The POLYSTAR extruder pelletizer and FIMIC filtration system combination provide professional recyclers with a simple, cost-effective solution that has a much lower operation and maintenance cost, which results in higher profit margin. Fast delivery time and fast return on investment (thanks to lower initial equipment investment) make things even easier for recyclers who need to have a machine up and running within a short time.

The POLYSTAR + FIMIC combo has been in operation since 2016, with numerous installations in the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Colombia, Portugal, Russia, Ghana and Latvia, with ongoing projects for Japan and Canada.

FIMIC advantage

The FIMIC filter is much simpler, because it requires only 30 minutes and one operator to replace a screen, whereas other solutions in the market generally require 1.5 ~ 2 hours.

Less investment and operation/maintenance cost

The FIMIC system does not need to install an extra pre-filter to protect the screen against possible damage as the “scraper collects the contamination immediately from the screen.

The melt losses are also less because the filter discharges only when it is needed (instead of discharging continuously like in some filter systems).

At last, the cost of spare parts of the FIMIC filter is also less expensive comparing to its other European competitors in the market.

POLYSTAR advantage

The design of the POLYSTAR pelletizing extruder is simple, and focused on the most important features for recyclers to have a stable operation in order to reduce down-time and lower production cost.

The emphasis on easy user-interface makes sure that the Initial training time and cost for (new) machine operators can be greatly reduced. The simplicity in design also makes it easy for the operators to perform maintenance on the machine.

Lower maintenance cost is a key advantage of using a POLYSTAR. The cost of consumable parts is 2.5~3 times lower comparing to European machine suppliers of similar built quality.

POLYSTAR also keeps all critical components in stock to ensure fast spare parts delivery and minimize machine down time for its users. The delivery time of a key component such as a gearbox is within 7 days where as other machine suppliers could take 3~6 months in some occasions. POLYSTAR uses universal electrical components from Siemens and Schneider so that it’s easy for the users to source locally if required.

Less waste generated – thanks to faster change between different types of materials. Professional recyclers often times have to change between different types of materials with different shapes and colors. POLYSTAR unique design has a much less change over time (up to 30~40%) during the purging process and therefore generate less production waste comparing to other recycling extruders.

Both a single stage extruder and a two stage (cascade type) POLYSTAR extruder can adopt a FIMIC filter, with a production output range from 500kg ~ 1,000kg (1,100 ~2,200 pounds) per hour to select from. The FIMIC enhances the filtration performance whereas the POLYSTAR two stage extruder improves the degassing (gas removal) ability.

Both a single stage extruder and a two stage (cascade type) POLYSTAR extruder can adopt a FIMIC filter, with a production output range from 500kg ~ 1,000kg (1,100 ~2,200 pounds) per hour to select from. The FIMIC enhances the filtration performance whereas the POLYSTAR two stage extruder improves the degassing (gas removal) ability.

Integration is simple and fast

During the project preparation stage, POLYSTAR and FIMIC work very closely together with the customer for the customized build-up, providing each other with all the necessary details to ensure the extruder + filter integration is flawless.

During the installation and start-up stage, technical engineers from both FIMIC and POLYSTAR will be present at the same time to assist customers and provide necessary trainings.

The set up was very easy said Mr. Irvin, the Tennessee-based recycler in the US who installed the system in 2018 has been running the POLYSTAR + FIMIC recycling machine for the past two years, processing mainly coffee bean bags and peanut bags. Their engineers came over for the set up, and in just 4 days we had the machine running already. The recycler already plans to set up another line in 2021 as the business expands.

Quoting a Rostov, Russia based recycler Europolimer who recently installed a second 750kg/hr two stage recycling line, “Both companies are already very experienced with this integration, they have done this for years and are familiar with each others equipment. We really benefited from this as it has worked very well for our plant, according to Mr. Pavel, the production director of the Russian post-consumer recycler. Both FIMIC and POLYSTAR focus on simplicity and low maintenance cost, we have been able to control our production cost well and stay competitive in the market.

In the case of a professional recycler located in Sweden, a FIMIC + POLYSTAR integration was even successfully done “remotely due to recent travel restrictions and the effect of the COVID19 corona virus that prevent technicians from going overseas. It is not a standard way, said Mr. Peter of the Swedish recycler, but the installation was successful! Big thanks to their team for the preparation and further action taken during the remote start-up and afterward to make it happen in this new way!

Fast delivery time for machine and spare parts

Besides lower maintenance costsimple set up and operation, another main advantage is the machine delivery time.

The delivery time of a standard POLYSTAR 500kg/hr line is only 2~3 months, and a customized line takes 4 to 5 months to complete, comparing to the usual 6 ~ 12 months delivery time offered by other machine manufacturers in the market.

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