POLYSTAR to demo latest recycling pelletizing technology

At K 2019, POLYSTAR will demonstrate its latest recycling pelletizing technology. It provides one-step, simple operation with low maintenance cost and high efficiency. 
POLYSTAR designs its machines to be simple and focus on what’s most important for plastic producers who are looking for an easy and stable operation to process different types of post-industrial waste.
In-house waste ranging from printed PE, PP, multi-layered flexible packaging film, PP raffia, woven, foam to hard rigid regrind,  can be easily turned into pellets with high reusability to reduce production cost.
"Many producers have told us that the recycling machines they have been using are either too difficult to operate or too expensive to maintain,” said  Eric Jhao, POLYSTAR’s sales engineer. “They want something simple and easy to maintain to teach their operators.This is exactly what we can provide. Our primary goal is to simply the operation of the machine, making sure that our customers’ operators can learn and work with our machines with ease.” 
Through thousands of machine installations in 105 countries worldwide, POLYSTAR has been able to re-engineer its machines towards this direction. “We have been working and discussing with our machine users closely for years,” said Hung Tsai, POLYTAR’s chief engineer, “We want to provide a simple but practical solution that can benefit our customers the most.”
POLYSTAR has also incorporated Industrial 4.0 into its simple operation, launching the online spare parts system in 2015. A newly-launched POLYSTAR App is also available for customers to quickly access trouble shooting, maintenance requirements, user manual and many more from a mobile device or tablet.

At K 2019, POLYSTAR will demonstrate its latest recycling pelletizing technology.

Source : Adsale CPRJ.com