Japanese PP fiber producer goes with POLYSTAR recycling machine

Japanese PP fiber producer goes with POLYSTAR recycling machine

Japanese professional and historical PP fiber producer installed POLYSTAR’s plastic recycling machine in Nagoya. Adopted with the latest recycling technology and PLC control system, the customer produced the excellent quality of the PP recycled pellets and get back to their production line with the higher added ratio to save their production cost obviously.

By processing this PP specific properties material, POLYSTAR customized the cutter compactor design and developed the specific compacting technology for processing the waste efficiently. Furthermore, the advanced cooling mechanism built inside the cutter compactor enables this heat-sensitive waste to be semi-molten properly without any lumping happening . Hence, the project leader admired that POLYSTAR has solved their concern effectively and contribute the practical added-value for them. The unique compact and simplest design of the machine is also the key point which Japanese customer decide to cooperate with POLYSTAR.

PP fiber material on the conveyor of a recycling machine

The factory manager of the Japanese customer indicated that, the size uniformity of plastic recycled pellets is the critical point related to the homogeneous level and quality of their final product. By utilizing POLYSTAR’s intelligent pelletizing system and patented air cylinder pressure control technology, it significantly stabilizes the quality of the recycled pellets and enhance the level of production automation.

Below are the latest technology development and core benefit toward the global customers.

  • Integrated with smart driving module, enable to control the cutting speed via the die head pressure variation.To produce the uniformed size quality of recycled pellets.
  • Customization of the pelletizing die head design according to different properties of the material. To come out with the best quality of recycled plastic pellets.
  • Embedded with the patented air cylinder piston system to ensure the pressure of pelletizing blade constantly. To make the stable quality of recycled plastic pellets with long terms operation.

In accordance with the development of “ Industry 4.0”. This customer adopted with the advanced PLC + HMI control system to optimize their routine production management. Through “ Big Data Storage and Analysis” process, the customer can track back the historical production record via the iCloud data storage zone and find out the real roots cause if any trouble happening. Furthermore, the PLC control system is embedded with the remote control module, it allows the administrator to monitor even control the operation parameter from remote end. It also enhances the automation degree of the operation and shorten the timing of machinery repair and maintenance.

plastic recycling machine in Japan

So far, the Japanese customer is running with POLYSTAR’s plastic pelletizer properly and keep increasing their production capability gradually. Averagely 0.30~0.35 kw/kg power consumption performance make the customer saving the energy efficiently; The customer estimated the ROI (Return of Investment) of POLYSTAR’s plastic pelletizer should be less than 1.5 years and will go with the second machine soon. With POLYSTAR’s professional after sales service support toward mechanical and electrical operation system, the mechanical and electrical manager of the customer mentioned that they are relived about the brand of POLYSTAR and will keep going with POLYSTAR for sustainable cooperation.