Simple Recycling Solution -Polystar at Plastimagen 2019

In this year’s Plastimagen from April 2 to 5 in Mexico, Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd., Tainan, Taiwan, presents its latest development on the recycling pelletizing technology for various types of plastic waste, including packaging film of PE, PP (non-printed to heavily printed), laminated and multi-layered film scraps and film-on-roll (booth 1436).

recycling pelletizing technology

From film producer to raffia producer, regrind recyclers and professional (post-consumer) recyclers, the manufacturer offers according to his statement simple-to-use and one-step recycling solutions specifically designed for each industry and different requirements.

Different Models
Four models of one-step, user-friendly pelletizing solutions are designed specially for plastic producers and recyclers to increase efficiency and reduce cost via the simple but efficient recycling process:
For bag/film and flexible packaging producers – compactor integration.
● For professional recyclers - two stage recycling machine with enhanced degassing and filtration.
● For raffia and jumbo bag, raffia recyclers – single shaft shredder integration.
● Regrind recyclers - Hopper feeding – less energy consumption.

For producers and recyclers who are looking for a stable and efficient recycling process, our machine design provides the following benefits according to the company: simple operation, easy maintenance, automation on the pelletizing unit (automatic speed and pressure adjustment), and less machine downtime, less labor intervention.

Source : kunststoffe