In-house recycling with POLYSTAR. Easier than easy

  Better quality control changes everything  
  In-house recycling makes sure that the material comes 100% from your own production and does not mixed together with material from other sources. Example of the in-house scraps are: HDPE/LDPE edge trim, cut/punch waste from bag making production, defected film-on-rolls, start-up film scraps, loose leftover film,. HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, stretch film, shrink film, BOPP and many others.
Minimal material degradation, pellets quality (size) and consistency can also be achieved and controlled.
Maximum possible amount of recycled pellets
The consistency in quality (uniform in size and minimal property change) of the recycled pellets can ensure that the recycled material can be reused again in the extrusion machines to produce high-end film product with the highest possible quality.
Fast ROI (Return on Investment) on the machine investment
The return on machine investment can be extremely fast, mainly because of the huge saving in raw material cost. When done properly, the quality and reusability of the recycled pellets can be much higher comparing to out-sourcing. The extremely simple-to-use machine design requires only one operator at the feeding section of the recycling machine and requires minimal labor intervention.

To process in-house, post-industrial clean scraps, you probably won’t need the most advanced recycling machine in the world to do the simple job – investing in a machine with the highest possible output and most advanced filter systems is unnecessary for most film producers, as recycling is not the main business for them.
However, it is extremely important to have a machine with stable in operation and consistent in pellet quality. This is to ensure that the operation is smooth without quality issues or frequent machine breakdown. Additionally, it should not be something too complicated for the operators to learn.
The design of our machine is simple and focuses on what’s most important for plastic producers who are looking for an easy and stable operation.

Simplicity throughout the entire machine design - From user interface, machine operation, maintenance (both mechanical and electrical), to changing consumable spare parts. Even untrained operators can understand how to get the most out of our machines.
We understand very well that this may be the first in-house recycling machine for our customers, or the first time using a machine of this type (upgrading from the previously owned, different recycling systems), so we’ve simplified the operation as much as possible for such purpose.

Over the past 30 years, more than thousands of POLYSTAR recycling machines have helped worldwide plastic producers to reprocess their post-industrial (in-house) waste back into high quality pellets in a simple and easy way.

POLYSTAR provides different recycling solution (different in production capacity and different shredding and cutting integrated technologies) for packaging film (blown and cast), raffia, injection molded, woven/non-woven, pipe extrusion and thermoforming. Depending on the user’s material type, industry, capacity requirement and space limitation, POLYSTAR is able to offer the suitable recycling solution.
Apart from a beautiful, compact machine design, the POLYSTAR’s engineering team designs the machines to be simple and focus on what’s most important for plastic producers who are looking for an easy and stable operation. With 3 decades of manufacturing experience focusing on user interface and customer feedback, POLYSTAR has been able to develop simple solution and technology.


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