Simple recycling solution proven to be highly efficient


Source:Plastics News Asia
Date Published:6/28/2018 09:06:10 AM

Polystar's Repro-Flex represents an ultimate solution to the needs of ASEAN customers for highly-efficient in-house waste recycling system

The recently concluded InterPlas Thailand 2018 served as an ideal venue for Polystar to promote its recycling system. The Repro-Flex offers a simple and practical solution for the recycling of packaging films, according to Sales Manager Jack Lin.

The machine is ideal for blown and cast film producers dealing with HDPE, LDPE, PP shrink, stretch film, BOPP, CPP, OPP leftover waste of edge trim from blown film in the format of scraps (from bag making/converting processes), as well as complete film rolls which can be efficiently recycled in a simple process. "Most packaging film producers generate production wastes and those materials can be recycled by Polystar machine into high-quality pellets so instead of throwing away the waste materials, these can be re-used. And the whole process is good for the environment and enables the customer to cut costs," Mr. Lin stressed.

Repro-Flex boasts of a simple design and flexible operation. It is a one-step direct technology that can undertake cutting, extrusion and pelletizing and it's very easy to install, operate and maintain. It's ideal for the reprocessing of flexible packaging materials, printed and non-printed. This cutter-integrated pelletizing system eliminates the need of pre-cutting the material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a highly productive rate.

According to Mr. Lin, Polystar's recycling machine has gained acceptance the world over that the company has been serving customers around Asia as well as Mexico, Russia, Turkey, etc. "Polystar has focused on making one excellent recycling machine that the market needs and so we have attracted customers from around the world as word gets around on how good this machine is," Mr. Lin explained.

Currently, India is one of Polystar's biggest markets and to be successful in this highly competitive market is not easy. "We need to add value to our machine by offering special after-sales services and spare parts availability. We have a good partnership in India with its own sales team and technical professionals. For the rest of Asia, the sales and after-sales services are undertaken from our Taiwan office," Mr. Lin added.

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