Polystar: the sophistication of the simplest recycling machine


Polystar: the sophistication of the simplest recycling machine
—— An interview with Jack Lin, Sales Manager of Polystar Machinery

Source:Official Taipei Plast 2018
Date Published:6/28/2018 09:06:10 AM

Polystar will meet buyers in August at Taipei Plas 2018. We have interviewed the Sales Manager Jack Lin to share the exhibit plans and prospects of Polystar.

Editor: What are the displaying machines at Taipei Plas 2018?
Jack Lin: Recycling repro-flex reengineered model, it’s an upgraded version that is made more simple and straightforward, and easier for maintenance. Polystar has enabled that parts replacement would be easy to ensure that the newcomers who enter the recycling industry can start recycling without complexity. Considering the producers’ demographic of the recycling industry, it is often consisted with customers recycle their own waste in the factory for post-industrial purposes or those who just stepped into the field unlike machine users from other manufacturing sectors, the designs of Polystar’s repro-flex models offer customers a head start in recycling.

Editor: for the past few years the brand Polystar has gained its reputation widely across the global plastics recycling sector, what is it that make Polystar prosper?

Jack Lin: I’d say the greatest difference of our machines is that they are extremely user-oriented, and packed all the key functions in a compact, simple way. An example is our original electronic unit, which singled out a few most used recycling cycle on the buttons while setting up the size of pellets, feeding, and production speed is already automated and integrated to the button. This has reduced the time to go through different windows on panels. And these features have gained positive recognitions from our customers over the years, so we are confident to insist our characteristics of being the simplest recycling machine in the world.

Editor: Is there any special projects that you are working on recently?

Jack Lin: A pretty exciting project is undergoing at Beijing, China with our recycling machines as part of the recycling demonstration park that promotes recycling concepts and exchange related technologies to manufacturers. We believe that this is crucial for the environment generally, as countries across the world are seeking all sorts of measures to build a sustainable plastics economy.

Editor: Any new plans to share with the readers?

Jack Lin: We will open and move to our new 30000 sqm factory at the end of this year. This is a quite emotional milestone for the entire company as the founder started from a small-scale machine shop 30 years ago, and now being able to gain its status internationally. We thank every customers who have been on this journey with us, and value every single feedbacks to improve the details of our machines.