Colombian recycler adds capacities with 2 more POLYSTAR


Colombian recycler adds capacities with 2 more POLYSTAR

2 years after the first installation in 2015, the Colombian recycler has decided to increase capacity by adding two more POLYSTAR recycling machines in 2017 in the cities of Barranquilla and Bogota. The two additional recycling lines, model Repro-Flex 120 and Repro-Flex 100, are currently processing industrial film waste of 400~500kg/hr and 300~400kg/hr in two different locations of the company.

The plastic recycling division of the Colombian-based company processes mainly post-industrial PE film (LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE) collected from various industrial packaging sectors. It has been in the recycling/waste management business for over two decades, with a total of 8 factories in Colombia and is one of the leaders in the industrial waste recycling sector today. Having had the experience of using recycling machines from different brands in Taiwan and Europe in the past, the company decided on POLYSTAR when it came to the expansion in 2017.

“In addition to proven success with our first POLYSTAR machine, one major reason for our decision to continue investing in POLYSTAR (after the first installation) was its simplicity to operate,” said the project manager of the recycling company. “Initially, we received good recommendations from another producer in Colombia who had already been running their POLYSTAR lines for years. We came to know POLYSTAR is very experienced in film recycling, and at the end we are happy that we made the right decision.”
POLYSTAR plastic recycling machine in Colombia

“The machine is extremely user-friendly and our operators are fond of it,” commented the factory manager who handles the Repro-Flex 100 in Bogota. “Besides stable and good productivity, the operation is just really simple in many aspects. Even when we have new operators, they can easily learn how to use the machine within a very short period of time. The maintenance is easy. Even some very small details are well thought of - the control panel came in Spanish language. It’s the overall experience,” he added, “it shows that the design of the machine is based on operators’ perspectives.”