Vietnam - PE bag producer maximizes in-house recycling efficiency


Vietnam - PE bag producer maximizes in-house recycling efficiency

Since the installation of the POLYSTAR HNT-120V in Hanoi last September, the 400-500 kg/hr recycling machine has never stopped working for the Hanoi-based film producer who manufactures a wide range of products including HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, OPP, CPP, BOPP bags as well as stretch film and metallized film. The machine has been running 24/7 non-stop except for routine maintenance once every two weeks.

With a monthly production of 1,700 tons, the PE/PP bag producer is amongst the largest and finest bag producers in Vietnam, who exports more than 95% of its products to Japan and Europe.

“We put only one operator on the POLYSTAR machine per shift,” said Mr. Nguyen, managing director of the ISO-9001 certified Vietnamese company with hundreds of staffs. “The machine is so easy to operate that it runs like an automatic robot,” he added, “our operators love to work with this machine.”

HDPE recycling machine for post industrial waste

For Mr. Nguyen, what’s more impressive is that the company is now able to use a higher percentage of recycle pellets back to their Italian-made blown film machines without affecting the film quality. Comparing to the recycling machines that the company had previously worked with, “the pellets might look similar from the outside, but the quality is actually very different,” he explained. “This really lowers our production cost by a significant margin.”

Mr. Nguyen constantly receives customers from Europe and Japan that visit his factory and production line in Hanoi. “When they see the POLYSTAR machine, they are just as impressed,” he added. “With a high quality in-house recycling machine like this surely puts more confidence in our bag buyers.”

With the new factory expansion which aims to increase another 30~40% of its current production, the company has already planned space to bring in the second POLYSTAR HNT-120V to effectively process all of its in-house waste material.

HDPE recycled plastic pellets from post industrial waste