Japanese LDPE film recycler goes for POLYSTAR


Located in Tokyo, the professional PE film recycler has installed one more POLYSTAR HNT-120V recycling machine to process 400~500kg/hr LDPE and HDPE post-industrial film waste. The industrial waste is collected from local plastic factories that produce various types of bags, both printed and non-printed.

The 25-year-old professional recycler is one of the most renowned and government-approved recyclers in Tokyo, who receives subsidy from the government annually for the environmentally friendly job it has carried out over the past two decades.

Besides the high quality recycle pellets quality, the owner was particularly impressed by the easy operation and compact design of the POLYSTAR lines. “Our operators find it so easy to operate compared to other recycling machines we’ve purchased in the past,” said the Japanese recycler who has had experience with other recycling machines in the past 25 years. “It’s just so simple to run and do maintenance on. We even self-installed this new line without having to have POLYSTAR’s engineer coming over to Japan.”

A new facility was built specifically to install the new POLYSTAR, which the company started to prepare since it ordered the machine. This was the third POLYSTAR installation in Japan in the past 4 months. Besides HDPE and LDPE film recyclers, there are also other recycling applications such as CPP, BOPP, laminated PE+PET and others.